The Sultan of Selangor Speaks…..

20070813-n_p6sultan.jpg    Well, well something must be burnin’. Lately the Royal family have joined the media fray and pointed out some pertinent reminders particularly to the politicians on issues ranging from politics to good governance and race relations. The latest in the series is the Sultan of Selangor that lets fly… Like Marina Mahathir in her rantings say, “It’s not just the plebs which are restless but also the proles!!  

 Titah Tuanku:

On Race: His Royal Highness pointedly declared,   “National unity, involving the Malays, Chinese and Indians, brought us independence and subsequently, through the unity of the other ethnic groups, helped us form Malaysia. No one race could have brought Malaysia to what it is today”  Clearly he was pushing forward a BANGSA MALAYSIA initiative. He insisted that multi-racialism must be nurtured in school and that everyone has a right to feel as Malaysians.            

On Religion: The Sultan of Selangor urged his subjects to respect other religions, the way others respect Islam, the State Religion. “I want Muslims to respect the religions practised by other Malaysians.” He also expected non-Muslims to reciprocate similar respect towards Islam. He earlier expressed his unhappiness on politicians, of late, harping on race and religion. 

On Politics: His Royal Highness forbade the politicising of the Merdeka Celebrations. He took the opportunity to make this warning: No politicians or group should attempt to gain popularity by stirring up such issues, as Malaysian is a multi-racial country. This country belongs to all Malaysians regardless of their race and everyone has a right to feel as Malaysians.”


One Response to The Sultan of Selangor Speaks…..

  1. true malaysian says:

    The words of both Raja Nazrin and the Selangor Sultan certainly strikes a chord in the hearts of all Malaysians. It is a hard hitting speech aimed at our present politicians as things are not well in the country. There is rot everywhere particularly in race relations. Hopfully Tuanku can come forward and make a difference.

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