My Merdeka Wish …….


Come 31 August, people are feeling rather melancholic, some hopeful, some in a state of despair while others are still trying very hard to find reasons for celebrating the 50th anniversary of Malaysia. Seems strange, but true.

However a Malaysian living in London, a true Bangsa Malaysia going by the nick of  malaysianminx poignantly tells us of her Merdeka Wish below. She also expressed her resolve to live the Bangsa Malaysia philosophy and not to just dream of a better Malaysia.

  • i wish for a bangsa malaysia that is more compassionate, who will look at those less fortunate, a nation that will sincerely work towards making life a shared reality and not an ethereal dream

  • i wish for a bangsa malaysia that is more well read, where the reading habit is inculcated at a young age, so that the power of imagination and words are combined to build a society which is not only more eloquent, ambitious but also a nation which is continuously ready to accept new challenges, embrace new changes as well as progress with new ideals.

Not forgetting our love and compassion for special and vulnerable groups like the disabled, the infirmed and the aged, orang asal, women and children,  single mothers, the hard core poor, homeless, the impoverished, ISA and other detainees languishing in prison, the disfranchised and the suicidal,  she added,

Many people want a Malaysia that embraces diversity, let it not stop short from embracing special Malaysians, I believe they have as much right as the next Malaysian to become part of Bangsa Malaysia. I hope people will hear this small voice of mine and hope that changes will be made sooner rather than later. I do not want to dream of a better Malaysia, I want to live it and I am more than willing to help make that change if I have to.”

Now, what is YOUR Merdeka wish?


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