A Young Bangsa Malaysia Speaks…

 dscn04711.jpg   Introducing Aishah, an eleven year old blogger and Bangsa Malaysia.

 dscn0947.jpg   For 11-year old Aishah, being Malaysian is “… to have Chinese as best friends even though you are a Malay”.

Click  to read her posting on Being Malaysian.

Young Aishah may join over 100 other bloggers at the Bangsa Malaysia Merdeka do tomorrow.

The Bangsa Malaysia Get-Together tomorrow will start off with everyone singing the Negaraku at 8.30 pm. The All-Blogs logo will then be unveil, followed by Jeff Ooi’s pantuns + some songs from Black’s new album. Those present will also meet some Malaysian bloggers abroad via webcasting.

(From Rocky’s Bru)

(So those politicians who have name-called and labelled bloggers as ‘monyet’, stupid, goblok, coward and pondan and threatened to use the ISA, OSA, etc on them,  you owe Aishah and many others out there an apology – BIG TIME)



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