The Complete Malaysian

  If former Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Rahim Noor were to be reborn, he would want to be born as a “complete Malaysian”.

“That means my identity card or passport must state that I am a Bangsa Malaysia. My religion must also be left out as it is strictly between me and God.

“I am not being emotional but only want to be a Malaysian,” said Rahim, who has been through the country’s darkest moments, including the communist insurgency.

Rahim who served over 30 years in the force, including as Special Branch director, also reminded the younger generation not to take things for granted.

He, however, said that presently certain people have exploited religion to the extreme.

We do not hear much of racial extremism other than some politicians during the Umno general assembly.

Rahim added that racial integration was better back in the early days. “There was no polarisation on campus those days. We regarded ourselves as Malaysians,” he said.  


One Response to The Complete Malaysian

  1. ewoon says:

    Kudos to our former IGP Rahim Noor.

    Does he blog?

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