The Road Less Taken

road2.jpg  LOVE  is our most direct path to achieve the Bangsa Malaysia vision. By loving more, we cancel the 50 years of missed opportunities and also the past, and communicate directly with the present. However this kind of love must be unconditional, which means that it must be patient, releasing and free of all expectations. 

There is nothing emotional about unconditional love.

So often, we focus our love and fondness on people of the same ethnic origin or with the same common interests and ignore the others. As the Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Dr. Maximus Ongkili who heads the National Unity and Integration Department says, “We are just not mixing enough”.

We need to love more freely beyond the limits of ethnicity, trusting that the energies we send out to others regardless of race or religion, will return to us abundantly.

The road to unity and Bangsa Malaysia has been the road less taken for the last 50 years or more. By taking this road less travelled  we may finally see the vision of Bangsa Malaysia materializing although the journey maybe a long and ardous one. This road is ‘the road of love’.

I have to be on a different road now and will be away for quite awhile. But someday I will rejoin you and we will then journey together on this same path of love.

God Bless All.


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