Malam Bangsa Malaysia will be heading North, this time to the Pearl of the Orient, Penang.


Event : Malam Bangsa Malaysia 

Date : 3rd November, 2007

Time : 8.00pm

Venue : Room A, Dewan Sri Pinang, Pulau Pinang. 

There will be a charge of RM10 per person to cover rental and refreshment costs.

The event can only accomodate 200 people and attendance is by invitation.

The organising team has also put together a forum entitled ‘One People, One Nation’ which is open to all who are registered to attend the get-together later that night.  

The forum is scheduled to start at 5pm. Registration will start at 4.30pm.

Speakers for the forum are :

1. Dato Lim Chong Keat (pending confirmation )

2. Khoo Kay Peng ( independent political analyst )

3. Malik Imtiaz Sarwar

4. Haris Ibrahim

You can read about the KL Bangsa Malaysia get-together HERE.


What you need to do to get an invitation

Firstly, as places are limited, please be sure that you can attend before you ask for the invitation.

If you are very sure that you can make it, please send an e-mail to

In your email, please provide the following details :

1. Name ( as per IC ) and IC number

2. Contact number

3. A liitle bit about yourself ( where you’re from, what you do ). Also tell us what your feelings are about the last fifty years of independance and what your hopes are for the coming fifty years. Also, share your thoughts on what you think needs to be done to make the aspiration of one people, one nation a reality in Malaysia.

All e-mails will be replied.

All particulars furnished will be treated with utmost confidence.

Meanwhile, please help to spread this event to bloggers, non-bloggers, students, USMers, activists, NGOs, sons, daughters, moms and dads, grannies and grandads and all anak Bangsa Malaysia. 

During dinner there will be a screening the award-winning Fahmi Reza’s Sepuluh Tahun Sebelum Merdeka. Fahmi has agreed to be at hand to interact with the participants.

People, this is the last train to Unity, Malaysia. All other trains have missed this elusive station for the last 50 years.

The experience we had at the Malam Bangsa Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur in August was simply awesome (I personally vouch for that). Please do not miss this one especially you good people of Penang and the North.


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