November 10, 2007 – The Eve


Yes, I will be there with you in Dataran tomorrow.

And yes, I know of the consequences – the threats and intimidations, the truncheons and beatings, tear gas, chemical sprays, arrests and imprisonment.

I know and realise that I may pay dearly tomorrow, but freedom doesn’t come without a price.

My being there is also a matter of justice and honour, justice for truly deserving candidates having a fair go in the coming General Elections and honour, when the People (Anak Bangsa Malaysia) are empowered and reclaim ownership of the governance of this country.

It will also indeed be an honour when the healing of this nation begins, and when the people are one as Bangsa Malaysia.

Like most of you, mine too, will be a WALK OF PEACE and I will walk with dignity, come what may.

One may think that I am merely walking for reform, but no…….

Presently this country needs more than walks for justice and reform, this country needs HOPE !

So be it! If I am arrested or imprisoned tomorrow, let it be in the cause of justice and of hope.


One Response to November 10, 2007 – The Eve

  1. Vee says:

    Well said, BangMalaysia, truly in the best tradition of V, ha ha. Yes the rally was a blast wasn’t it.

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