Sex, Betrayal and Conspiracy

chua.jpg It appeared to be a high profile drama that broke the year.

Pondering over the whole incident, I wondered as to what the real issues were here. Was it morality, honesty (admission), dishonesty (cheated on wife), political intrigue, conspiracy – sabotage and back-stabbing, violation of privacy and basic rights, threat to party leadership and betrayal, the public’s right to demand a certain degree of conduct/propriety from a senior public official/ representative, transparency, honour, responsibility and accountability? Maybe it was all of the above but certainly it is something to ponder upon.

Many have commented, praising him for taking the responsibility and coming out in the open to come clean and as he puts it, “I have bared my private life to 26 million Malaysians” while others have criticised him for cheating on his wife and family and betrayed the peoples’ trust. One comment that caught my eye was from Rey Ramos who commented in The Lede of NY Times,

“I believe the health minister is wrong when he said that, “At the end of the day, it just tells you that honesty sometimes does not pay.” Hello. Wake up. You were being dishonest on your wife by cheating and have to pay the consequences. Telling the truth about cheating is not an example of “honesty.” It is an example of taking responsibility for what you have done and that involves dealing with the repercussions. No one is forcing you to be health minister. By accepting that job you are accepting public scrutiny and holier-than-thou expectations. Don’t like it? Don’t take the job.”

When he was Minister of Hell/Health, he actually made a similar comment about a patient who found the service unsatisfactory. He rather arrogantly said,

“If they are not satisfied with our service, then why come to our hospital? They came on Nov 26. According to logic, if you don’t have confidence in our doctors, then why come?”

But Chua like all human had his “human frailty” and as one commentator said,

“Chua had atoned for his act and I respect him as a man to own up rather than denying. The publicity over the scandal is punishment in itself so let’s be fair by leaving him and his family alone and from further embarrassment.

Whether he is a victim of political rivalry or revenge, he has faced the music courageously knowing that it is time for his political demise. I would rather leave such a gentleman alone – not those who are siphoning the country’s wealth and fighting to keep their positions. Such are the vermin who have raped the country and have no conscience. They do not deserve any sympathy”.

Anyone who has not sinned, please cast the first stone.

Maybe it is just karma, coming full circle but please remember that Chua is also an Anak Bangsa Malaysia like you and me and has done some good while serving the Health portfolio.

Finally whatever your views are, do be careful when you check in at this hotel called The Katerina in Batu Pahat – you may just appear on youtube the next day, on four angled cinemascope.

katerina.jpg hotel-2.jpg

“My biggest mistake was that I stayed in this hotel and in the same room for convenience. Next time, when you stay in this hotel, good luck to you.”


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