Election 2008 – RACE-BASED PARTIES: Definitely not route to unity

The article below strengthens my argument that race-based political parties and racial politics are demeaning and are totally irrelevant. I certainly do not want any race-based party to represent me in Parliament. In the US, its probably like voting the Ku Klux Klan to the Senate or Congress, to represent you.

Come on, we have been an independent nation for 50 freaking years and racist politicians are still playing the same old ‘May 13’ bogeyman tune, again and again, especially during the election period. This GE, whosoever plays that May 13 bogeyman number will get fucking hell from me . GOD! I am so sick and tired of this blatant attempt to instill fear in fellow Anak Bangsa Malaysia.



RACE-BASED PARTIES: Definitely not route to unity

DATUK SERI Hishammuddin Hussein’s call to Malaysians to accept that “political parties in Malaysia are race-based” and to live with it is disturbing (“Let us accept the fact that parties are race-based” — NST, Nov 3). To call for the acceptance of race-based parties runs counter to Barisan Nasional’s claim to want to unite the country. You can’t have race-based political parties and promote Bangsa Malaysia at the same time.

I must take issue with Hishammuddin’s claim that Malaysia’s racial formula is “admired the world over”. While we may have been praised for our economic progress and the relative racial peace that exists, no country has come out in praise of our race-based political system.

The non-racial approach to peace and prosperity had never been given a chance. Who is to say that we would not have had greater prosperity and genuine racial harmony if we had done away with race-based political parties all that time?

Racial politics is not the long-term answer to Mal-aysia’s problems and certainly not the route to unity.

By focusing on racial interests, we perpetuate the racial divide and provide opportunities for racial chauvinists to exploit the situation.

It would be better if we focus on the socio-economic imbalance in our society, sans race. Unless we remove “race” from our politics, we encourage unscrupulous politicians to stir up racial trouble to shore up their interests.

It would have been better if while referring to the existence of race-based parties, Hishammuddin had also called for an end to them. In 21st-century Malaysia, politicians should compete on ideas and not race.


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  1. After reading the article, I feel that I need more info. Can you suggest some more resources please?

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