Elections 2008 – Be an Informed Voter

Do you normally vote or plan to vote out of sentiments, emotion or along party or ethnic lines ? Then read on….


Courtesy: Whattahack

Voting maturity counts on being an informed voter, i.e. know the real issues at hand well before making the final decision on which candidate to vote for. Voters must also keep in mind what is at stake this General Elections, that is, inflation and crime rates which have gone out of control and incoherent economic policies. Other issues include a dysfunctional democratic institution, a tainted judicial system, corruption, education, healthcare, transport, housing, high unemployment rate among graduates, swarming foreign workers and not forgetting issues of freedom, human rights, justice and equality. Do read carefully the manifestos of the political parties but NEVER, NEVER fall for campaign promises, rhetorics, slogans and gimmicks. These include blady-blah promises and slogans like “CEMERLANG, GEMILANG DAN TERBILANG”, ‘WORK WITH ME AND NOT FOR ME’ are all cheap gimmicks and at best are empty and hollow semantics.

dream.jpg Source: Malaysiakini

Politicians can also claim that they have grandiose dreams for the people but end up still dreaming after their term is almost over and what do they do? They demand for their term to be extended and a fresh mandate. They will then come up with some sob story about their ‘Perjuangan Yang Belum Selesai’ like as if there was a ‘perjuangan’ at the outset.

Perhaps this coming General Elections would be the best time to bring the message across to these politicians that they can dream on till eternity. No one cares.


And like fellow blogger, ‘Simply Puteri’ said in her blog under Campaign Poo-mises,

“There is one thing that politicians in Malaysia and politicians in the USA have in common,


Vote for candidates, regardless of political affiliation, who are trustworthy, capable and incorruptible.


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