Parti Keadilan Rakyat supports The Peoples’ Declaration/Deklarasi Rakyat

A letter from PKR’s Information Chief, Tian Chua.

On behalf of Parti Keadilan Rakyat, I would like to express our appreciation to the civic minded Malaysians who have produced this document entitled The People’s Declaration/Deklarasi Rakyat.

After very careful study of the said document, we conclude that many of the points raised in it are, in fact, consistent with Parti Keadilan Rakyat’s principles and objectives. In fact, quite a number of the issues raised in this Declaration were included in the Common Election Manifesto of Barisan Alternative in 1999 General Elections. These issues will certainly be reflected in KeADILan’s Election Manifesto for the coming 2008 General Election.

Parti Keadilan Rakyat will, therefore, affirm our support for The People’s Declaration. We will ensure that all elected legislators of KeADILan will implement and advocate all the issues contained in the document. However, the only minor point of divergence is on the establishment of a Ministry in charge of Non-Islamic Religious Affairs. We do not see that a ministry that separates Malaysians along the religious line will effectively resolve the problems of national unity. On the contrary, we believe the Ministry of National Unity should be revived and then assigned the task of promoting inter-religious and inter-ethnic dialogue.

KeADILan will also help to circulate The People’s Declaration during our election campaign. .

Tian Chua
Information Chief
Parti Keadilan Rakyat

As you are well aware, The People’s Declaration is a very important document voicing the people’s aspirations and demands to their elected representatives. As such this blog fully endorses any individual candidate or political party that supports and implements fully ‘The People’s Declaration‘.

In many ways, The People’s Declaration is also an acid test to see whether the political candidate has the interest of the people and the nation at heart. If the candidate is sincere, then he/she would have no qualms about accepting and wanting to implement the charter. But a low-life, two-bit politician who sees the elections as a means of amassing power and wealth would have nothing to do with the Declaration. This is the simple but plain truth.

The People’s Declaration and the Merdeka Statement will represent two important documents that would charter a roadmap for the people in achieving a truly prosperous and harmonious nation where everyone will be proud to be an Anak Bangsa Malaysia.


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