Elections 2008 – Critical Issues

What would be the issues in the 2008 General Election?

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Inflation and economy

  • Cost of living spiralling due to rising food prices. Inflation is at a 10-month high; prices of some basic items have risen by as much as 50 per cent.
  • Slowing economy could affect jobs, wages and business.
  • Fears of government cutting fuel subsidies after elections. It wants to restructure subsidies to favour the poor.

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    Race and religion

  • Racial ties frayed over more aggressive push for Malay economic and educational privileges.
  • Tension in the Indian community, reflected in last November’s rally by thousands of Indians to demand more help for their community.
  • Non-Muslims upset by court disputes over Muslim conversions leading to tussles over bodies and custody battles.

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    Public security

  • Crime jumped 13.4 per cent last year, and 45 per cent in the past four years.
  • More people feel towns and cities have become less safe.
  • Increasing complaints that there are too many foreigners – 2.5 million, in a population of 27 million.

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  • PM Abdullah’s promise to fight corruption seen to have faltered.
  • Transparency International says Malaysia’s position on corruption prevention has fallen in past four years.
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