Bala believed to be out of the country: Interpol help sought


Bala if you are reading this, now is not the time to pack and ‘leave on the jetplane’. I think you have some explaining to do and the truth to tell. 

BTW your first SD still stands because it is evidence given under oath and cannot be withdrawn. You have to come back and see justice done. How would your children feel if they know their dad ran like a scared rabbit at a time when a young Mongolian woman so viciously murdered needed his help to put the perpetrators away. 

Anyway how long can you run and how far can you hide?? Ultimately you’ll be found. I hope it is not too late then.

We have to fight on for a better Malaysia and for our future generations.


Police said today they had asked Interpol to help find a private investigator who has been reported missing since making explosive claims linking the deputy premier to a murder.

bakri zinin police cid chiefCriminal Investigation Department director Bakri Zinin said Malaysian police had enlisted the help of Interpol and authorities in neighbouring countries to help locate him.

“We are seeking Balasubramaniam to help in our investigations,” he told a press conference today. “We suspect he is either in hiding or someone is hiding him.

“I give a guarantee of his safety if he comes to meet us, and he is free to bring a lawyer to the meeting,” he said.

“The police in the country have been put on alert to find him and we have informed Interpol and Aseanpol as well as the police in neighbouring countries.”

Balasubramaniam, who was last seen after a hastily-organised press conference on Friday is believed to have left the country with his wife and three children.


2 Responses to Bala believed to be out of the country: Interpol help sought

  1. holan says:

    this bala fellow and his family has received money, and went back to india

  2. Balan says:

    Bala must have got a lot of money:
    (1) paid hugely to make the first SD under oath
    (2) paid hugely to retract the SD

    Clever guy, now he is living richly somewhere great.

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