Michelle Yoon was spot on in her post “RPK: It’s all in the game”. I share exactly the same sentiments. I simply cannot agree with being “TAKSUB” as the Malays say, with an individual no matter how charismatic he might be but believe and support in his cause and his stand. Visitors to this blog may think that I am Pro-Anwar or Pro- PR. DEAD WRONG. This whole thing is NOT ABOUT ANWAR. This is about truth, justice, equality, democracy. This is about the country’s systems and institutions, the judiciary, the civil service and public delivery system, social systems. We, the people have the responsibility to see that people running these systems and institutions are transparent and accountable.  

Like Michelle, I too am not pro-PR or Anti-BN, if there’s anything I am pro is that “I AM PRO BANGSA MALAYSIA”, hence this blog. But in the course of standing up for these prnciples and ideals, many a time my views may definitely dovetailed with the opposition’s. However I do support some reforms undertaken by the BN like the Judicial reforms and the fight against corruption.

Read Michelle’s excellent take below: 


I’ve said it before, I believe in the fight, I believe in the cause. Not the person or party who is doing it.

I’m not anti-BN. I’m just anti-corruption.
I’m not pro-PR. I’m just pro-Bangsa Malaysia.
I’m not pro-RPK either. I’m just pro-freedom of expression.

Glad I made that clear, to both my readers and myself.

An excerpt from RPK’s post:

It is dangerous to support someone for personality cult reasons. You only support his or her cause or stand. And if his or her cause dovetails with yours, well and fine. If not, then you must be matured and civilised enough to disagree, while continuing to respect his or her cause or stand, in spite of it being opposite to yours. In that same spirit, you may not like that person, but if his or her cause is the same as yours, you must be able to see eye-to-eye only as far as the cause or stand is concerned, while you can agree to disagree on all other issues which you feel are contrary to yours.


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