20 nabbed so far in visa scam sweep

The Anti-Corruption Agency has so far arrested 20 people in a major clean-up of the immigration department, including the deputy director general, as the sweep against a visa scam continues.

The agency said corruption at the department was a national security problem.

Those arrested were allegedly involved in a scam to issue visas to foreign workers in exchange for money, reports said.

Among those detained yesterday were immigration deputy director-general Yusof Abu Bakar and a close relative, the Sunday Star newspaper said.

Yusof arrest came a day after the department’s chief Wahid Md Don and six others were remanded to help in the ACA investigations.

Apart from Yusof and his relative, ACA has also 11 others and seized RM150,000 from the suspects.

According to Sunday Star, the agency has been investigating a syndicate involving top officials in immigration, recruitment agents and runners over the past five months.

ACA found a sudden increase in women from China having social visit passes detained in vice raids.

The scam was reported to have links right at the TOP. The question now is whether the top extended beyond the DG and Deputy DG of the Immigration Department. Another issue mentioned was that it was a national security problem. I for one never believed or advocated the use of ISA for perpetrtors breaching national security, so it was appropriate that the draconian ISA wasn’t used in this case.


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