Deputy D-G and kin held

Sunday July 13, 2008 Star

KLANG: Immigration Department deputy director-general Yusof Abu Bakar and a close relative have been remanded for five days by a magistrate’s court here to assist the ACA in a graft probe.

Yusof, 54 and the relative were brought before the court at about 11.20am.

The two were handcuffed as four Anti-Corruption Agency officers led them into the court.

Magistrate Zarifah Zainal Abidin ordered that the remand start from 11.45am yesterday.

Yusof is the second senior Immigration Department official detained since the arrest of its director-general Datuk Wahid Md Don by the ACA on Thursday.

Wahid, who was remanded on Friday, was arrested together with six others.

Besides Yusof and his relative, it is learnt that another 11 people also were arrested.

It is also learnt that Yusof was picked up yesterday morning while the others from Friday night.

The others are suspected middlemen and runners while the relative is said to be the main middleman for a syndicate and agents.

It is learnt that ACA officers seized more than RM150,000 from the latest 13 suspects.

They are said to have links to a syndicate that had been collecting exorbitant fees for the renewal of social visit passes, especially for people from China.

ACA director-general Datuk Seri Ahmad Said Hamdan said: “It (the allegations) connects right to the top. It involves members of the public, foreigners, government officers and syndicates.”

He said that more arrests were expected.

ACA sources said the agency had been monitoring the syndicate’s activities for more than five months following the sudden increase in the number of women from China detained during raids.

The women would flout their social visit passes and worked in entertainment centres either as guest relation officers or were involved in vice activities.

The sources said syndicate members collected between RM1,500 and RM6,000 to extend each social visit pass for between one and six months.

The normal rate charged by the Government for extensions per month is only about RM100.

The sources said senior officers get between RM500 and RM700 per passport for a single extension while top officers get between RM10,000 and RM20,000 per agent per month.

A retired army major has this to say:

From the security point of view, these seven people should be treated as traitors. For a few dollars more, they are prepared to sell the country.
They have aided foreigners to enter this country illegally. In war, it is treason.

Their loyalty to Malaysia is questionable.  



Major (Rtd) Teoh

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One Response to Deputy D-G and kin held

  1. AJ Ratna says:

    It’s both a sad and happy day for all Malaysians. Sad because those who have sworn allegiance to country and King have compromised National security. Duty and honour have become a value of the past. Corruption is rampant . Malaysia has always been one of the best countries to live in. Pure greed rakes through these persons in authority with no heed to its consequences. If this practice is not checked in time it will destroy our beautiful Malaysia. As the saying goes we can’t put Count Dracula to look after the Blood Bank.
    Kudos to the government for taking affirmative action- better late than never. Compare this story with what I was told recently- the Auditor-General’s report had highlighted that the late Tun Dr. Isamil (DPM) was inadvertently paid an allowance he was not entitiled to. When made aware ,he called the officer ,thanked him for doing his duty and wrote a cheque to the government reimbursing the amount. They don’t make fine gentllemen like TDI anymore. Same can be said of late Tun Ismail Ali (Bank Negara)

    We appeal to the PM to rid all government agencies of the likes of these people.



    Yes, we certainly lack civil servants of strong principles and integrity and who would not waver in the face of corruption, presently.

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