A Boy Called SaiFool- Part IV

Came across this article in a blog.

Coming back to Saiful, I had thought that no one was supposed to comment on the Saiful’s Sodomy Allegation. However, we have Saiful’s dad coming out in the media with his lawyer proclaiming to the world that his junior ain’t gay. I think IGP Musa Hassan need to check this out. Hello brother, we don’t care if your son is a gay, a cross dresser or a ‘Mak Nyah’. That’s his right. You claimed how good a son he is. However, you fail to see your son as a useless, good for nothing university drop out, who couldn’t even make full use of his scholarship given by none other than the DPM of Malaysia. The fact that Saiful wants to be a pilot when he can’t even be responsible with his studies tells you that this Saiful character is really an ‘anak manja’ (pampered child). Where this Scribe comes from we call kids like him a spoilt brat. If screwing up his studies is not enough, he gets hitched with his ‘Pink Mary Jane’s’ girlfriend.
This Scribe wonders at 23 years of age and unemployed, does he know what it takes to be a married man. This Scribe is really pissed that Saiful’s old man can even come up and defend his bratty offspring who simply threw away a scholarship that could have been given to a deserving student. This Scribe just don’t know if Saiful’s dad is filthy rich or Saiful himself had hit a jackpot. One thing I do know is that Saiful’s name “Sai” sounds like shit in Hokkien. So, Saiful could also mean “Full of Shit”. No offence meant to all the other Saiful’s out there.

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