Saya tetap bersatu dengan anak Bangsa Malaysia

Excerpt from People’s Parliament

Anak Bangsa Malaysia have finally found the courage to say out loud what so many knew for so long but did not dare to say!

In the name of Malay unity and ketuanan Melayu, UMNO has right royally sodomised the Alis’, the Ahmads’ and the Abus’, hijacking the wealth of this nation for their own chosen few.

Not to be outdone, the leaders of all the other component parties of BN have scrambled to pick for themselves the crumbs that UMNO has tossed to them from the banquet table.

UMNO cannot reform and will continue to delude themselves that the problem is not within their own fold, but on the outside. Khir Toyo’s ‘We must first get rid of the politics of hate, slander and revenge among the Malays…’ reported in Malaysiakini sums up their delusion.

We know better.

For many of us, 8th March was about rejecting race-based politics and trying to free our country from lying, robbing politicians.

For many of you and my friends and I, it was about taking the first steps to reclaiming our country from the likes of the Shafie Afdals and the Khir Toyos that continue to plague this country with their last-ditch attempts at giving new life to their divide and rule.

If we took nothing else from the 8th March tsunami, at least take this to heart.

We, the rakyat, wield tremendous power, when we unite.

Not Malays uniting with Malays, Chinese with the Chinese and so on.

Our strength is when we look the racist, ‘divide and rule’ politician squarely in the eye and say, ‘Tak nak. Saya anak Bangsa Malaysia. Dan saya tetap bersatu dengan anak Bangsa Malaysia’


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