Why Pakatan Rakyat is still the better choice to govern Malaysia

While BN has held the reins of power in Malaysia for the past 50 years, the scenario now has changed altogether and there is a real and viable alternative in Pakatan Rakyat.
To put it all in proper perspective, here’s 6 compelling reasons why Pakatan Rakyat would still be the better choice to govern Malaysia :
1.      PR is more committed to a just, efficient and democratic government
Unlike the BN which is famous for lip service, PR has so far practiced what they preached and if you look at the States where they are in charge, there’s many good examples of their approach, their stand on issues and their standards of governance which reflect these ideals far better than what we’ve seen with BN.
2.      The PR team is more trustworthy and clean
Of course, the cynics will say that every politician is a crook and no matter who sits up there, it’ll be the same. However, do look at it from this perspective : Why would anyone still stick on to being in the Opposition for decades when they could have walked over to the ruling party for money? Why should they suffer being imprisoned under the ISA, why do they need to speak out on BN’s abuses and why should they do all this if it were not for principles? Moreover, when you’ve been harping on justice and democracy and taking a strong anti-corruption stand for decades, these ideals would somehow become ingrained in you and on that basis, I would tend to have more faith in Pakatan Rakyat members than BN reps.
3.      Pakatan Rakyat would be a more balanced government
In BN, UMNO is not just the dominant party — it is the domineering party and the rest basically have no say. However, in the case of PR, it is a more balanced partnership as the parties have almost equal number of MPs and if the East Malaysian MPs cross over as well, it will basically be a Coalition with 4 groups wielding about 25% of the power each.
If PR were to take over the Federal government, PKR’s candidate can be the Prime Minister and there could be 1 or 2 Deputy Prime Ministers, one of which would be from East Malaysia. A DAP man can helm the Finance portfolio and the Home Ministry can be under PAS. Then, the Trade portfolio can be with PKR and PAS or the East Malaysian group can take Defence while DAP can take Education and the rest of the Cabinet positions can be similarly spread out amongst the component parties. In this way, we can see a more balanced spread of power with the key functions in the Cabinet as compared to the present situation where UMNO basically monopolizes the main portfolios, leaving trivial, token or deputy positions to its other “partners”
4.      BN would be better as an Opposition rather than the ruling party
No one would argue that a 2-party system would be the most ideal whether it’s a  55:45 ( Ruling party vs. Opposition) or 60:40. However, I would say that BN would be much better in the Opposition rather than PR because “it takes a thief to catch a thief”. As BN is so used to the abuses while in power, they would be able to immediately catch PR if the latter were involved in any abuse. Moreover, BN has so many skeletons in the closet and such scandals may not be uncovered (and action taken accordingly) if they still retain power, albeit with a much stronger Opposition.
5.      It’s not good to have one party monopolizing power for too long
BN has been in power for 50 years and it’s not good to let any single party have that kind of unfettered run as over the course of time, things are taken for granted, those in power become emboldened by their continued tenure and that’s when all the abuses will just set in. By giving a chance to Pakatan to take over, we can see what a fresh government can do and we can also stop the terrible abuses and improprieties that have become so rampant and outrageous.
6.      You’ll never know if you never give them a try
There’s no way anybody can say PR cannot do the job unless we really let them try. What have we got to lose? BN has already brought Malaysia down to this level now. It can’t get any worse, only better.
I urge all Malaysians to think hard and do what is right and necessary to buy insurance for our future and this calls for the removal of the monopoly of power in Malaysia by the BN. No one is going to save us if we don’t want to save ourselves.
We are at the threshold of a brand new dawn in Malaysian politics where we could be moving towards a truly democratic, just, progressive and prosperous Malaysia. If we do not grab this opportunity now, we just might never get another chance or a better moment to do so.
By Political Doctor

A comment on Malaysia Today which makes political sense, below:

No, BN is not fit even to be an opposition. The evil that they had done will in the end cause them to disintegrite and vanish from this beautiful and blessed land. Anyway when the government change hands, most of the BN goons will be put behind bar for corruption and the rest would have fled the country.”



One Response to Why Pakatan Rakyat is still the better choice to govern Malaysia

  1. grace says:

    I sokong to this article. when will this dream come true?

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