Wan Azizah: This proves my husband’s innocence

Well, its pretty obvious that Anwar is innocent from the rock solid evidence of a medical report. For the life of me I can’t understand why the Deputy IGP is saying that the website’s report is aimed at sabotaging investigation and confusing the public when its crystal clear that police should investigate the massive conspiracy against Anwar.

Who is confusing who now??

All those who are privy to this report and kept the rakyat in the dark must be made responsible. Saiful must be charged for making a false accusation and false police report. Anwar and PKR must immediately make police reports against these fakes and liars even though they hold office in high places.

Lim Kit Siang adds:

These are very disturbing turn of developments in the latest sodomy allegation against Anwar and police investigations, and will subject Malaysia to a new and most adverse spate of international bashing unless police can come forward without a single second of delay to categorically throw light on the first medical report on Saiful and the whereabouts of Dr. Mohamad Osman – especially in the light of the outrage and scandal of the disappearance of private investigator Bala Subramaniam in two conflicting Statutory Declaration (SDs) within 24 hours, shaking national and international confidence in institutional integrity to their very roots.

Or is the Home Minister, Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar contemplating orchestrating a second briefing for foreign diplomats in Malaysia on the medical report and disappearance of Dr. Mohamed Osman – where Hamid can be assured of getting an even better turn-out by hitting over a century of diplomats?

Malaysiakini Report Below:

The medical report which found no evidence that Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan was sodomised proves that PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim is innocent, said his wife today.

wan azizah interview 270308 01“It’s a confirmation that it’s a conspiracy all along as this report goes to prove Anwar’s innocence,” PKR president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail told Malaysiakini.

In view of this, the opposition leader urged the police to investigate why there is an attempt to defame her husband instead of continuing the probe on the sodomy allegation.

Anwar could not be reached for comments but he is expected to hold a press conference at the PKR headquarters in Kuala Lumpur tomorrow morning.

The former deputy premier has maintained that he was innocent of the sodomy allegation – a charge reminiscent of what happened a decade ago when he was thrown out of government and into jail.

anwar ibrahim and saiful bukhari azlanThe medical report – where the doctor found no evidence of sodomy – was issued four hours before Saiful, who was Anwar’s former aide, lodged a police report on June 28 that he was sodomised by the opposition stalwart.

It is believed that Saiful went to two different hospitals that day.

He first went to Hospital Pusrawi (Pusat Rawatan Islam) in Jalan Tun Razak – a government-linked Islamic medical institution – at about 2pm.


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