From Sg. Buloh to Permatang Pauh

Dr. Azly Rahman

Rather than merely speculate who will win in the coming by-election, let us all think like a futurist to predict, using the tools of “Futuristics”, what the scenario will be after the election. Futurism is not about using the findings, conclusions, and recommendations of the Malaysian bomoh or political soothsayers to tell us what will happen but to look at the direction of change based on the complexity of the system.

The question is: how might Permatang Pauh determine the direction of change? How will the landscape of Malaysian politics, society, economy, national security, law and order, and education change as a result of the outcome of Permatang Pauh.

This is my shortest post.  I have been writing long long complicated proses :-). I am taking a break.

Let your analysis be as long as you wish. Be governed by ethics and scientific reasoning in our comments though. Remember, the youth and possibly children are reading these comments. They want to learn about the future we adults are leaving them behind. Let us be polite yet critical and imaginative.

What our country need right no is not another wave of controversy but the pragmatics and ethics of a new era or a new deal, whatever what might call this change; one that will come naturally. Man proposes, God disposes. We need a direction and a new paradigm and we need a new breed of selfless leaders.

Look forward to your excellent and constructive comments, as usual. Certainly, we are living in interesting times, certainly.Is this the end of a beginning? Or vice versa?

Enjoy the Permatang Pauh show.

Like Dr. Azly, I too need a break. I couldn’t agree with Dr. Azly more that “We need a direction and a new paradigm and we need a new breed of selfless leaders.”


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