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I have told myself never to comment on this fool ever again but his antics yesterday got my blood boiling. This fucktard (definition below) is so full of shit that he chose the eve of PP nomination day just to do a little $wearing. HOW CONVENIENT but hello, isn’t that a little too obvious.

So what’s the big deal about his ‘$wear’. I know of lesser fools who for a couple of million bucks would sell their souls to the Prince of Darkness (the Devil) himself. I guess a college drop-out with no future and virtually no sense of self worth and dignity has to continue playing the games his conspirators want him to play else the paycheck doesn’t come. So he is totally at their mercy now, even if it means declaring to the whole world that he has been butt-fucked eight times, and insists that it was not consensual.

Anyways HE LIED again. Harris Ibrahim of People’s Parliament caught the lie and exposed it below:

“I’ve done this for God and I took my oath in the house of God, that I was humiliated and sodomised by Anwar Ibrahim and I do not wish to lie to the world as he has done’ – statement Saifool made after swearing on the Holy Qur’an at the Masjid Wilayah at Jalan Duta yesterday, as reported by Malaysiakini.

Er, Saifool, you did lie to the whole world yesterday.

He was asked by a reporter to explain how the timing was so close to nomination date for the Permatang Pauh by-election.

He then replied : It’s all a coincidence. We don’t know that Anwar is going to contest…

Yet, on 2nd August, Malaysiakini reported that in a posting in his blog on 1st August, ‘Saifool also briefly wished Anwar ‘good luck’ in contesting for the Permatang Pauh by-election’.

This is what Saifool posted in his blog on 1st August : Kepada DSAI, saya mengucapkan selamat bertanding.”

 Anyways, Dr. Othman’s statutory declaration got me convinced that there was no sodomy, consensual or otherwise. A visitor to Harris’s blog also commented that,

“A 61 year old man forcibly buggered a 23 year old man ?
This is akin to an 80 year old man raping a 40 year old woman.”

I just hope this fucktard knows what the implication of the swearing that he had just committed on to himself and his future generations because its so clear that he has to lie to cover up past lies.

Do read about the great risk by swearing on the Holy Qur’an here.

Definition of Fucktard:

A combination of “fuck” and “retard.” Usually reserved for instances when either of the previous two insults are simply not enough. Otherwise known as a Michael Montifoglio.

fucktard (plural fucktards)

  1. (pejorative, slang, vulgar) An extraordinarily stupid person, especially one that causes harm. 





2 Responses to I $WEAR

  1. Grace says:

    Good one dude… hahahaha

    I have edited it a bit. BTW please pardon the language my sweet lady. I am normally not as vulgar, only when I am in a rage.

  2. Grace says:

    Did I swear? Oh My… I can’t recall…. my apologies…

    Anyway this has become a laughing stock of the century…

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