Indians, Chinese don’t give a shit for Saiful’s lewd and obscene video

Kuala Lumpur, Aug 20 (IANS) A night-long video war featuring the aide who has charged opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim with sodomising him is raging in the tiny Permatang Pauh constituency in Penang, where an electorate of less than 60,000 is swinging between the ‘propah’ and the profane.

The video shows Mohammed Saiful Bukhari Azlan repeating the charge and swearing by the Holy Qoran, media reports on the key by-election to the Malaysian Parliament say.

The polling is due Aug 26. Ibrahim hopes to win and return to parliament 10 years after a similar charge ousted him from the post of the deputy prime minister and finance minister.

‘By now, most people in the vicinity would probably have memorised the actual words recited by Saiful, including the highly-explicit phrase…. Some found the explicit part in bad taste, others thought it was plain vulgar. A few thought the 23-year-old boy was trying to further sensationalise the issue,’ The Star newspaper said.

But ethnic Indians and Chinese, who form 30 percent of the electorate, numbering less than 19,000, appear to have made up their minds and have ignored the video war, says the reporter covering the campaign in a news analysis.

‘The common refrain in this by-election is that the voters have made up their minds. This is very likely the case for the Chinese and Indians.

‘The Chinese sentiment at this point in time is that they want choices and alternatives. The days when they felt beholden to only one party or a coalition have passed and they have really bought into the idea of a two-party democracy.’

UMNO and BN are in a state of panic because they realise that they are in deep shit. The Indians and Chinese just don’t buy the narrow racial agenda that they are playing and are solidly behind Anwar.


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