BN morale down: Have they already conceded defeat??

From the feedback I received and from the blogs particularly Anil’s, the morale of BN party workers are truly DOWN. No one expect that they will win. Its a losing battle from the start so why work hard for a LOST CAUSE. These and other factors apart from the fact that they are paid workers appear that they have already surrendered and are just not interested to pursue a lost cause any longer.

No one home…

Last night, a number of BN road-side ‘operations centres’ that were deserted. No one home and this was in BN candidate Ariff Shah’s stronghold, his Penang state assembly seat area.

Of course, there were a few BN booths that did have volunteers staffing them. But the number of BN stalls that lay empty suggests that the ruling coalition clearly over-estimated the response it would receive from volunteers.

The first three of these photos were taken near the site of an Anwar ceramah in a residential area (near Jalan Siakap 12), which saw a crowd of around a thousand turning up to listen. It was between 10.30pm and 11.00pm, when many people were on the streets checking out what was going on.


Where is everyone? At Anwar’s ceramah?

These booths have been turned into storage and garage space

The following two stalls stood directly opposite each other on the Seberang Jaya mainroad:

Another BN stall lies deserted…

Othe Factors that Permatang Pauh Voters are Disillusioned With:

Prices of essential goods have increased by more than 15 per cent for the past 5 months. Low- income earners are feeling the pain more than the rich. The rich or poor, they all want a complete change to the management of the country now. This is the sentiment in Permatang Pauh now.

Tonight again we see thousands flocking to listen to PR ceramah. Unfortunately, ceramah conducted by BN could not attract much crowd yet. Each ceramah comprises less than about 100 people. Quite a disppointment for BN.

Speaking to the people here… they cited a few reasons why they are not happy with BN: the candidate (Ariff cannot be accepted by many disgruntled Umno members), media abuse, Saiful’s conduct, the price of commodities, high-handed approach of BN government towards PR-ruled states. At this point, Anwar is still able to win by a bigger majority. That is the scenario.

The local Umno and BN machinery is not functioning well. Many I spoke to are half-hearted to go all out to campaign. They have basically surrendered.

Many Umno members are not happy with the BN candidate, Ariff, and Umno leaders. Arif was sacked as the umno permatang pauh info chief just before the 12th GE. Bear in mind, umno divisional election is around the corner & there is not way the division chief would allow him to make a comeback through this by-election.

MCA, MIC and Gerakan members feel that they just cannot convince the people to vote for BN anymore. To the Chinese, the Lim Guan Eng factor plays an important role. Most are happy with him. The Indians feel that they are neglected by Umno, quoting a few incidences such as poverty, religion, racial harassment and the Hindraf issue.


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