Anwar: No moral qualms

AP – Sunday, August 24

Yes, go ahead brother Anwar, the other side has done so much damage to the country for the last 51 years that we remain so segregated and divided today and I fear that the Bangsa Malaysia dream would never be realised.

Furthermore look at the current Permatang Pauh campaign. Its one of the dirtiest, immoral, unethical, racist, etc,etc ever conducted particularly against you. The general feeling of Malaysians now towards UMNO and BN is one of hatred although we do not want to hate.

We need you to topple this government RIGHT NOW. You have our full support. MPs contemplating the crossover, get ready and have the balls to do so when the time comes. Its only a matter of days.

PERMATANG PAUH, Malaysia – Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim says he has no moral qualms about toppling the government with lawmaker defections, claiming the country cannot afford to wait four years for the next elections to bring about change.

“Four years will be disastrous for the economy, the political system, the judiciary,” Anwar told The Associated Press late Saturday while on a campaign trail.


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