BN has NO moral authority to preach on morals

Let me be frank. I am totally pissed by so-called political scientists and activists who at this critical stage of Malaysia’s New Dawn decide suddenly to become ‘principled’ and declare “Crossover politics undermines politics of principles”. How ‘principled’ have the ruling coalition been for the last 51 years, let me ask you. A case in point is the Permatang Pauh by-election: BN’s strategy was by playing up the Saiful sodomy saga, and using the “plenty of money to buy voters” gambit and arm twisting tactics in which Lim Kit Siang described as a 4Ds campaign – the dirtiest and the most disgraceful, dishonourable and divisive.

“As for those who take the moral high ground to condemn the impending cross-over of MPs as betrayal of democratic principles, my simple answer is that Malaysia is not a democracy in the first place.  If we were one, PR would have won the Mar 8 election, and there would not have been the necessity to engineer the present cross-over.

To skeptics who maintain that Malaysia is a democracy, may I ask him this question:  Which democratic government in the world could steam-roll an ostentatiously pseudo sodomy case over a personage like Anwar Ibrahim and yet survive the wrath of public opinion?  Do keep in mind that the corrupt system that put Anwar in jail for six years on similar pseudo charges a decade ago is still intact today.” – Kim Quek

If you still happen to be ‘Saint Moral’ and abhor crossover politics please read this article below.

We have all seen what had happened with Bersih, Hindraf, the Royal Commission, Batu Buruk, BMC, RPK and Anwar and yet we continue living in superficial amity with our enslaved morality.

In Malaysia, the facts are plain for all to see but our so-called rule of law is trumpeted and manipulated to muscle the dissidents to bow to the wants of the chosen few – although it defies logic. Ever wonder why we continue to be enslaved – defying our own reasoning – for what is good morally, politically and socially for the society as a whole?

More and more Malaysian laws are being enacted to further eradicate the morality and spirit of humanity. Through fear and intimidation, these laws will continue to enslave our society to condone amoral acts in the pretext of protecting the people. What can I say, if our society appears to collectively accept them?

In pursuing their goals, the ruling administration has routed society through the rule of law, religion and enslaved morality to become permanently paralyzed – mentally. This leads to our inability to act freely even when our individual logic and common sense tells us the spirit of humanity is being quashed.

We pride ourselves in being of reasonable intelligence but our continued inability to actively acknowledge the malfeasances, let alone collectively react to them, only depicts how much we have been suppressed. Yet, we are fully aware that religion and morality acts as a shield or a mask for the progenitors of these acts.

With all the events that have been appearing before our eyes, we should rejoice in our spirit of humanity.

What is the spirit of humanity? It is not the walking dead among the living. It should not be self-contained in this globalized period. The spirit of humanity encompasses what we feel, what we know and how we consciously educate ourselves on who we are, how we represent our society and seeks a society that is just, fair and equal.

Humanity can only prevail if everyone collectively recognizes the need to question the system, the law, religion and enslaved morality to insist on what is right and just – especially during these precarious times.

We are facing turbulent times in Malaysia, and it is likely we will continue to do so. Unbounded material advancement and the conquest of nature over development has further added to deviating the people from the concept of the spirit of humanity.

The sense of belonging was the progenitor of all religions, systems and laws. But we are now groping in the dark. If we are unable to practice the spirit of humanity that seeks a right to co-exist with freedom and choice, with what is fair and equal, without fear and intimidation, then what is so good about all these religions, systems, laws and even morality?

We need to make the change today. We need to stand up and make the choice to take risks, manifest competence for change if the situation warrants it and find ways to serve humanity for the sake of all societies – irrespective of race, religion, colour or creed.

This is not a personal fight; we are fighting for humanity. Are we ready to take up the challenge?


One Response to BN has NO moral authority to preach on morals

  1. Grace says:

    Well, as what I have just blogged. Sorry seems to be the hardest word for many politicians such as Ahmad Ismail who just announced that he is unapologetic for his remarks on the Chinese as pendatangs… it’s sad to see that over 51 yrs of independence, such unnecessary things still happen in this country.

    What a waste of time n life in handling these itsy mitsy stuffs when the country has so many things to be solved at the moment.

    Arghh… saddening indeed.

    Totally agree, our economy is in the doldrums. Inflation is at an all time high and it’ll get worse with a huge deficit budget announced recently. Our ringgit and credit ratings are also at great risk if price of oil continue to fall. (Please read my postings). All these and we have to waste time on like this unapologetic idiot.

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