USM Chosen as Apex University

Well, well, surprise of surprises. USM, the university I attended for four years was chosen to be the apex university and NOT Universiti Malaya. Congratulations to all who made it possible.


And no, only a few graduates from this ‘Apex’ university turn out to be ‘no-good, anti-establishment’ BLOGGERS like me. The rest are doing quite fine, I think (lol). 

My USM days were truly the best days of my life. USM has a beautiful campus overlooking the Penang Bridge and the Straits. USM Alumni would agree with me that between lectures and tutorials we had time to sneak for a meal at the Sg. Dua (backgate) foodstalls, picking fruits in ‘Durian Valley’, ‘lepaking’ in Penang Road (corridor in front of the library’, and of course the moonlight rendezvous at VC Rock. More important it has an fair distribution of students of all races (Anak Bangsa Malaysia) making it competitive, interesting and just a fun place to be. UiTM should certainly learn from the  USM Experience.

  PUTRAJAYA (Sept 03, 2008): Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) was yesterday chosen for the Accelerated Programme for Excellence (Apex), beating three other universities, including the country’s oldest, the University of Malaya (UM).


Higher Education Minister Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin told a press conference that USM was selected based on the university’s transformation plan and its preparedness to make changes to its proposal paper.



“The selection for the Apex programme is not only based on past achievements and excellence, but more on the planning for the future and whether the university is able to achieve a world-class status within the stipulated period of five years,” he said when announcing USM’s selection for the programme.


During the five-year period, USM must be able to put itself in the Times Higher Education Supplement (THES) list of world’s Top 100 universities and among the Top 50 by 2020, he said.


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