Gerakan ready to cut links with Ahmad and ultimately with UMNO/BN (??)

I think it is pointless for Gerakan to remain in BN anymore when a mere ‘warlord’ can show gross disrespect and insurbodination towards PM and DPM (UMNO’s president and deputy) with the other UMNO divisions supporting him. The Penang Umno’s action in backing Ahmad is clear snub against the prime minister. Previously Abdullah had urged Ahmad to apologise over his alleged remarks against the Chinese community.

Gerakan members should also note that he had the audacity to  ask acting president of Gerakan Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon and other Chinese leaders to instead apologise for being “immature.

Anyways, Ahmad did say this:

“If the Chinese can question the special rights of the Malays, the Malays can also question the citizenship of the Chinese.”

Doesn’t this indirectly imply that he is questioning the citizenship of the Chinese which in itself is seditious. Anyway he got his history all f**ked up too. The Chinese were NOT immigrants or ‘penumpang’. There were many Chinese traders who had settled in Melaka and other places, even before the Portuguese came. And now these Portuguese descendents are categorised as ‘bumiputras’ while the Chinese descendents (Babas and Nyonyas) are not.

Barisan Nasional component party Gerakan has upped the ante in the Ahmad Ismail ‘racial slur’ controversy.

ahmad ismail umno bukit benderaThe party has today issued an ultimatum – that the Gerakan Bukit Bendera division will “disassociate itself” from the Umno division chief if he continues to refuse to apologise for his allegedly racist remarks.

“(We) will have nothing to do with Ahmad Ismail any more. We call upon all like-minded Malaysians to do the same,” said Gerakan Penang secretary Dr Teng Hock Nan in a strongly-worded statement.

Teng described Ahmad’s refusal to apologise as “a clear sign of disrespect and insubordination” to both the prime minister and deputy prime minister.

Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has earlier told Ahmad, a powerful local Umno leader, to apologise while Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak had said sorry on his behalf three days ago.

According to Teng, the defiance shown by Ahmad was a “slap in the face” for the top two leaders, who are Umno’s president and deputy president respectively.

Ahmad was accused to have uttered seditious remarks describing the Chinese as “immigrants squatting in the country, thus were not entitled to equal rights in Malaysia” at a BN by-election rally late last month.
The former municipal councillor also questioned the Chinese community’s willingness to share their wealth with other races.

In a clear snub against Abdullah, who is also Penang Umno chief, all 13 party divisions in the island state had yesterday thrown their support for Ahmad.

Calls for Gerakan to leave BN

Gerakan has demanded that action be taken against Ahmad.

teng hock nan“We urge the prime minister to take stern action without fear or favour against Ahmad, not only for his racist and extremist remark which jeopardises and threatens the existing racial unity and harmony in the country but also for his disrespect and insubordination to the prime minister and his leadership,” said Teng.

Meanwhile, the party’s Penang Youth wing called on Gerakan to withdraw from BN “immediately”.

The state Gerakan Youth secretary, Oh Tong Keong, said the party should allow its members to vote on whether to remain in BN at the National Delegates Conference next month.

“If Umno not willing to listen and respect the views of other member parties, then it gives no reasons for Gerakan to continue working with Umno in BN,” he said


One Response to Gerakan ready to cut links with Ahmad and ultimately with UMNO/BN (??)

  1. jamesloh18 says:

    i am a member and my family and relatives are member of gerakan..we stood by all these years and helped during the dad is a die heart until this incident, he refused to eat last few days..under tun lim chong yu, this wouldnt had happened he said.

    my dad is remorse about this. what shall we say as children ?

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