Samy made RM50 million by using MIC’s name

To my Hindu brothers particularly grassroot members in MIC, if you still believe that Samy Vellu is a good and honest leader, please open your eyes wide at the latest RM52 million land scam exposed on Malaysia Today.

This piece of land was meant for the building of a Tamil school in Bandar Utama. As citizen Nades of The Sun wrote, “MIC leaders who have been so vocal on Tamil schools now stand being accused of STEALING LAND meant for education! How is the party going to defend its actions? Or do they care about Tamil education at all??

The MIC President, Samy Vellu, bought a piece of state land for RM3.8 million. The only problem with this though is that the land is worth RM52 million. But Samy was smart. To qualify for state land he used MIC’s name to buy it. And to make sure that MIC would not cheat him of his ‘rights’, he registered his name on the title as the beneficiary and with MIC as the mere trustee.


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