Hi all,

I need to leave this BLOG for awhile and hope to go on a spiritual journey to do some soul searching. I would like to wish each and every Anak Bangsa Malaysia many, many thanks and till we meet again,  Au Revoir.


The whole world recognizes this identity of ours. It’s unique in so many ways.

In defending a race, don’t we see the news all over the world and see the damage it got them?

Talk about race, we offend too many. Do we realize that many in our country are raised in a family of all races? Indeed they have to make a choice of registering their one race when filling up forms etc. Taking sides creates major conflicts within these families and within those individuals themselves.

It’s no secret to what conflicts bring.

So please people, start feeling and being Bangsa Malaysia. Live as Bangsa Malaysia, , love as Bangsa Malaysia, be angry as Bangsa Malaysia, move as Bangsa Malaysia, dance as Bangsa Malaysia, wink as Bangsa Malaysia, fly a kiss as Bangsa Malaysia, reason as Bangsa Malaysia, wave as Bangsa Malaysia, be stunning as Bangsa Malaysia, be gentle as Bangsa Malaysia and yes, make passionate love as Bangsa Malaysia.

The point is, we can accomplish more as Bangsa Malaysia. And why not?


8 Responses to Live & Love as BANGSA MALAYSIA

  1. ghostline says:

    All the best, brother.

    I’ve had to attend to other urgent matters and took a leave of absence from my blog for a while too. But like a ghost, I am never truly gone. =)

    Hope to see you all soon.

    Okay, take care bro…as long as the ghost decides not to crossover into the bright white light forever, its alright..ha ha

  2. Kenny Low says:

    Come back soon brother. Have a nice rest.

  3. ahoo says:

    Do be recharge and refresh after your ‘soul searching’ though. We need more level headed men in M’sia to make a difference for M’sia. Every right voice count and every right thinking M’sians with the right altitude should be the voice for the less fortunate that can’t even afford to own a pc. May not even be educated while we have those politicians that is like the modern day ‘judas’ that sold their souls for a song by bringing hatred and racism into our political arena.

    God bless you as you rest and not to forget reading spritual books as body, soul and spirit need to be balance.

  4. Yangdisayangi says:

    All the best and safe journey. May God be with you and look forward to see you again.

    Greeting from

    Kamu yang di sayangi.

  5. Grace says:

    Please come back really soon Brother…

    Will be missing your blog posts…. I pray that your soul searching journey will be watched over by ALmighty God.

    Don’t go away too long ya..
    Thanks dear, Do ya know, you’re sooo sweet.

  6. selvaraja somiah says:

    Take care my Brother and have a safe journey. Shall wait for your return and really look forward to see you again.

    You know how to reach me if you need me to be of any help. Will be more than happy to assist.

    God bless.

  7. Antares says:

    Don’t really know who runs this blog – but I’ve always felt good visiting (not just because you kindly blogrolled me!). Whoever you are, you’re a soulbrother and fellow truthwarrior, and I send you infinite blessings on your vision quest. Then again… you may be a disgruntled Umno leader on the verge of defecting, who knows? 😉

    Me, a disgruntled UMNO leader (those assholes) …sorry to disappoint you, SOULBROTHER…lightyears away. Know something brother I have known you years ago through a documentary you made on orang asal..damn impressive man. Worked with Colin Nicholas on some projects before too and am deep into human rights actually. And do you know why Magick River is on my blog roll. Just read Michelle’s posting…
    Reason: Its simply brilliant. Infinite blessings to you too.

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