ISA Arrests: Is it for the security of the nation or for the insecurity of politicians

The government has given security grounds and threats to public order for the arrest of Raja Petra, a harsh government critic who already faces a few criminal and civil court dates for his articles in the Malaysia Today news portal.

As for Kok, newspapers report it could be related to allegations that she asked mosques in her state constituency to reduce the volume of prayer calls while Tan is being held for her report on Umno Penang warlord Datuk Ahmad Ismail’s racist rant that saw him punished with a three-year suspension from party office.

Then and now, those arrested have been far removed from those who stoke the racial tensions and endanger the security and public order of the nation.

Then and now, messengers get shot but not the perpetrators.

Then and now, is it the security of the nation or the insecurity of the ruling politicians that has led to these arrests?


One Response to ISA Arrests: Is it for the security of the nation or for the insecurity of politicians

  1. Grace says:

    Even though Tan Hoon Cheng has been released, but it defeats the purpose of releasing when they have enforced the warrants to arrest all 3 of them in one day. It’s an outrageous and draconian act of the current government. What are they trying to prove here? That they are in power and they can do anything they want, and capture anyone as they please to do so??

    Malaysian citizens, for goodness sake, please wake up and save your country! Don’t let the govt keep rotting in front of your eyes…save the nation!!!
    Thanks for your ‘spot on’ comments Grace. I had to come out from my blog retirement when I heard RPK was ISAed followed by Hoon Cheng and Teresa. Hoon Cheng’s detention particularly got me in a rage as the racist bigot perpetrator got away scot free while Hoon Cheng was ISAed for reporting the truth.

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