Kok had never set foot in Masjid Kinrara

Khir Toyol is a liar. Teresa Kok was never involved in the azan petition nor did she ever step foot in Masjid Kinrara.

So it is people like Khir Toyol, Ahmad Ismail & supporters and the people at Utusan that should be put behind bars under ISA and NOT ‘Saint Teresa’. Syed Hamid insisted that no one is above the law. Prove to us now and arrest the real instigators and inciters instead of practicing selective prosecution and persecution.

Masjid Kinrara, the mosque which is embroiled in an azan controversy, said DAP parliamentarian Teresa Kok was not involved in the petition to lower the volume of its loudspeakers.

masjid azan loud speaker issue 120908 abdul rahman nasir pengerusi masjidAccording to Abdul Rahman Nasir (left), who is head of the mosque committee, Kok had never set foot in Masjid Kinrara to present the residents’ petition.

Kok, who is Selangor senior exco member, was arrested under the Internal Security Act yesterday ostensibly for her role in the controversy.


Former Selangor Menteri Besar Dr Mohd Khir Toyo has earlier alleged that Kok, who is Kinrara state representative, of submitting the petition calling for the mosque to “tone down” the azan (the call to prayers)


One Response to Kok had never set foot in Masjid Kinrara

  1. Kats Tales says:

    Be enthusiastic about your beliefs by all means, but have some thought for others like the old, the sick and mums with little babies?

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