Teresa Kok – Proof of Innocence I – Malaysiakini

Jackie Lee did a good write-up with his series of articles A SHOCKING FIND. TERESA KOK NOT GUILTY. Taking the cue I decided to do some investigation on my own and provide further details and evidence to prove Teresa Koks innocence.

At the outset, let me be very honest. I am neither a Malay nor a Chinese. This is because I have both Malay and Chinese blood in me. A DNA profiling test would easily prove that. When it comes to the question of race, I am an Anak Bangsa Malaysia, PERIOD. All races, Malays, Chinese, Indian, Kadazandusun, Ibans, Melanau, Murut, Orang Asal/Asli, they are all indeed my children.

In the holy month of Ramadan, I am truly saddened to see 3 innocent human beings (insan) being hauled up under the ISA, two of them still languishing in solitary confinement in some cramped, dark and cold cell. And in Teresa Kok’s case, a serious grave injustice has been done onto her.

How a demure lady and  god-fearing Christian whom many refer to as Saint Teresa could be a threat to national security is a ‘wonder’.

Maybe this investigation can bring some light to Teresa Koks predicament and prompt her early release as she is truly innocent of all allegations made by some low-life, unscrupulous politician and opportunistic journalists in Utusan Malaysia to further their narrow racist agenda.

How did it all start?
It all started with a petition from the Residents Association, Bandar Kinrara Section 5 , Puchong, Selangor to the local mosque was actually a request to lower the volume of the ceramah’ (religious talks) signed by about 189 residents. The petition reads:

The letter reads: 

“First of all, we wish to apologise for any mistakes in the wording of this letter. We harbour no ill-will against the mosque,” said the petition, referring to Masjid Bandar Kinrara.

“No matter where we live, we wish to be in places that are peaceful, especially free from crimes, robberies, noise, traffic, and so on,” added the letter, which was sent to Umno state assemblyperson Mohd Satim Diman, whose Seri Serdang seat is where the mosque is located.

“However, the loudspeakers of the mosque where its ceramah (religious talks), kuliah subuh (religious lectures at dawn) and kuliah maghrib (religious lectures at dusk), have disturbed our peace at a time when we are resting or sleeping late, especially on Sundays – as early as 6:15am – and during those evenings when we are tutoring our children.

“Thus, we write this letter in the hope that you would understand our situation. With this, we seek your assistance to plead with the mosque management so as not to use the loudspeakers during its ceramah, kuliah subuh and kuliah maghrib, especially in the early morning or evening.”

While the azan lasts a couple of minutes, religious ceramah could go on for more than an hour.

After requesting Satim to come to the area and see the situation for himself, the residents ended the letter with an apology.

“We apologise one more time if there has been any mistake or wrong done.”

The petition letter was addressed directly to Y.B. Dato Satim Diman, ADUN Bahagian Serdang in February, 2008 and was sent to Satim with the hope that he could be the mediator between the residents and the mosque authority to solve the problem. A c.c. copy was also mailed to Masjid Bandar Kinrara, BK 5.

At this time (February 2008), Barisan Nasional was still in power in Selangor and Khir Toyo was still the Menteri Besar.

Kinrara DAP state assemblyperson and state exco Teresa Koks received a copy only after the March 8 polls.

What is important to note here was that the complaints were NEVER about the Azan but about the ceramah (religious talks) which often followed the prayers. [Malaysiakini]

Why was a copy of the petition sent to Teresa Kok?
Steven Ee, the person who presented the mosque with the petition on behalf of the residents in the area said that the reason why the copy was sent to Kok was because she was the nearest state assemblyperson there apart from Mohamad Satim. “We common people cannot have easy access to the leaders. We hope that the leaders can discuss this matter and solve it,” said Ee. He also said that the petition was sent to Mohamad Satim with hope that he could be the mediator between the residents and the mosque authority to solve the problem. According to Ee, his wife had met with a BN component party leader to discuss the matter and was advised by the person to draft the petition and have it sent to the relevant people. “As advised, I started collecting signatures from the residents there and handed it over to Mohamad Satim through one of his officers at his office,” explained Ee. Ee then said he noticed that the loudspeaker’s volume was lowered for about two weeks but then returned to its original pitch after that. “You can’t be expecting us to move away. I believe the Muslims here understand our concerns,” said Ee, who added that he was not against Islamic activities in the area.
 A Query on a Website Forum
Apparently on June 24, on th MYKmu forum, one of the readers wrote,
“At a function held recently, a Barisan Nasional representative said that during a state assembly meeting, YB Teresa Kok lead a petition drive on behalf of residents in Puchong to Datuk Satim Diman about a complaint that the morning Azan call had ‘disturbed’ the peace. Umno state legislators seeking to protest the petition were ordered to remain seated, while Muslim legislators from Pakatan sat quietly and did not debate the issue.”

Jackie in his article touched on a comment in Khir Toyos blog on July 8 by a visitor named Sinatra_z wanting to know whether Teresa Kok had lead residents in Puchong to petition Dato Satim Diman against the call for morning prayers (azan subuh ) as it was disturbing the peace.

“Sinatra_Z said…

Dr Khir ada burung berkicau dalam internet berkata..

Dalam dewan undangan negeri Selangor,Terresa Kok telah mengepalai satu petisyen penduduk di Puchong kepada Datuk Satim Diman (Sri Kembangan) mengenai aduan penduduk bukan Islam terhadap laungan azan subuh yg didakwa menggangu ketenteraman penduduk.”

Betul ke?

Khir Toyo replied to the query on the next day (July 9) and it was SHOCKING, Yes (memang betul) he said, that the Chinese residents in Kinrara had requested for the azan to be toned down and that the petition was supported by YB Teresa Kok. He went on to say that YB Satim had raised the issue but there wasnt any reply and he he feared that YB Teresa Kok might have promised (the residents) that their demands would be met. He then went on to proclaim that as the Opposition Leader he would see to it that the use of speakers in the surau and masjid would continue and in a very racist tone, added that DAP supporters have become big headed lately and then went on to warn not to stir the hornets nest’.

“Mohamad Khir Toyo said…

saudara sinatra_z,

Memang betul ada petisyen dari kaum Cina Kinrara yang meminta diperlahankan suara azan. Petisyen ini disokong oleh YB. Teresa Kuok.

Perkara ini dibangkitkan oleh YB datuk Satim di DUN Selangor tetapi tiada jawapan. Saya bimbang mungkin kerana YB Teresa Kuok telah berjanji untuk membantu tuntutan itu dilaksanakan.

Saya sebagai Ketua Pembangkang akan terus menentang perkara tersebut atas dasar agama Islam adalah agama rasmi negara dan negara ini mengamalkan kebebasan beragama dan tiada undang-undang yang menghalang surau dan masjid menggunakan pembesar suara. Perkara ini berlaku kerana pendokong DAP telah jadi besar kepala sejak akhir-akhir ini.

Jangan dijolok sarang tebuan, kelak menyesal tak berkesudahan.”

What I found revolting about this reply is that it contains lies and half-truths aimed at furthering his narrow racist political agenda at the expense of Teresa Kok. At the outset, did Teresa received or supported the petition? Was there any promises made to the residents by her? And finally he mentioned that the residents had requested for the azan to be toned down which was totally ludicrous. The petition had mentioned ceramah (religious talks), kuliah subuh (religious lectures at dawn) and kuliah maghrib (religious lectures at dusk) but NEVER about the azan.

Coming next : Teresa Kok: Proof of Innocence II


4 Responses to Teresa Kok – Proof of Innocence I – Malaysiakini

  1. Jackie Lee says:

    Thank you. I just concern about innocent people being arrested because of irresponsible journalist article.

  2. azizi says:

    menteri ameno memang bangang2 sume nyer. apa lagi yang nak dihairankan. Don’t worry wahai all my chinese brothers and sisters…. Allah s.w.t. will punish those people who hurt among the human being…

    it is a matter of time… be patient… Allah s.w.t. sentiasa bersama umat nya yang benar…

  3. kambing says:

    What a shame! Say no to ameno racist

  4. Nik says:

    I am really, really tired of these racist politics. We, the Malaysian people are not that stupid. We understand that in order for us to become a truly developed and modern country, we must let go of this colonialist and archaic divisions. After 51 year, enough already!!

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