RPK: A Muslim Beyond His Time

RPK being born of royalty could have anything he wanted, fast money, fast cars, fast women but he chose the path less taken, a lonely path with Allah as his guide. He sought to bring hope & light in a dark and oppressive nation.
He was indeed a Muslim born beyond his time.
    Raja Petra Kamaruddin (RPK) is a complex person. His blog is a reflection of his heart & mind. You will either hate him or love him. There is no middle ground with RPK. At best, his blog irritates you. At worst, it infuriates you. A devout Muslim who seeks to live out the teachings of the Koran in his life. His character is engraved with a deep sense of commitment to his calling. He has no time for fools. RPK is a Muslim born beyond his time.

His arrest & detention under the ISA should not come as a surprise to all right thinking Malaysians.

Islam in Malaysia is rotting under miles of greed, lust & political corruption. RPK will not have any of this. If he was to sell out on his religious beliefs earlier, he would be a very rich man by now. But RPK is a man who cannot be bought at any price.

As a member of the Selangor royal family, though some say a minor one. A royalty is a royalty, nonetheless. He could have availed himself to a lifestyle of fast cars, fast money & fast women, like the rest of the Malaysian royalties.

But RPK is a man who has made up his mind a long time ago. He was not going to sell his soul to the devil. He will not be a hypocrite.

Therein lies his problems. With leaders of the religious-right profiteering at least RM200 per new convert to Islam & kickbacks from new mosque buildings, RPK was a sore thumb. Many new converts did not embrace Islam for its teachings & values but for the many federal government contracts it (the conversion) brings.

RPK saw through the decay, the rot. He was angry, angry enough to do battle with hell itself. To the religious-rights in UMNO, RPK was the spoiler. He was unwilling to cheat Allah for earthly rewards. Such was the religious devotion of RPK. UMNO & its cronies had to remove RPK from the equation.

When a man stands alone with God & count God as his only ally, the devil & hell will not rest until they rid the earth of such a man. RPK is one such man.

Like a prophet who was wrongly accused & crucified by the Roman authorities 2,000 years ago because he refused to be bought & sold by the religious leaders of his days. RPK too sought to bring hope & light in a darkening nation.

LIkewise, RPK is the sacrificial lamb for exposing corruption in the nation’s political & religious life. UMNO has to crucify him with the ISA.



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