A Solution Out of the Impasse ~ref~ Malaysiakini

Pak Lah please hold your horses . We really do not need to use the ISA on anyone again or to declare a state of emergency which ultimately would bring a lot of suffering and hardship to the people. The solution – GO BACK TO THE PEOPLE to seek a fresh mandate as democracy in essence is the government of the people, by the people, for the people, so it is the people who decides and and the people who rules, not the politicians nor political parties.

DAP has proposed  fresh elections than defections to decide on the new government. The only condition is that the fresh elections must be conducted in an absolutely free and fair manner.

What the Prime Minister should do now is to call for an emergency sitting of Parliament to allow a motion to be tabled.

He should take this opportunity to resolve the uncertainty felt by all Malaysians.

In this way we can fix our political problems using a more acceptable method that borders on democratic values which is more reflective of the wishes of the majority.


6 Responses to A Solution Out of the Impasse ~ref~ Malaysiakini

  1. Kenny Low says:

    yeah, erection rather than erectile dysfunction. seek treatment
    election rather than defection. seek a fresh mandate
    no to isa

  2. indomali says:

    ideally this would be the way… but i doubt pak la with do that…

    well, what choice do we have now… follow thailand…

  3. Maverick says:

    Fairdinkum ,
    that’s right call for a general election and see what happens, my vote is surely for PR comes hell or high waters.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous Says:
    The Coward Flip Flop is nothing but indeed a Coward Flip Flop and now intended to cling on to power via hiding behind the use of ISA knowing fully very well that his Government has technically collapsed.
    What is the big deal in Swapping the already defunct Portfolios from a corrupted incompetent Flip Flop to another corrupted incompetent C4 cheats as tyro Finance Minister, do you think there could be any immediate improvement to the lives of Malaysians, could there be any relief to the hardships suffered by the people of Malaysia owing the unwarranted Oil Price Hike fiasco with this swap??? It could just be worse off as from the frying pan into the fire???

  5. Son of The Eternal Bliss says:

    In all fairness, a general election at this juncture would be the best option for the country. But such a sensible decision can only come out of honest, decent and right thinking minds. When a mind is clogged with religious & racial fanaticism, by age old curse to inflict maximum damage to its own kind and to hide its evilness behind a façade of religious piety what can you expect, nothing much. When such leaders go down, they go down by damaging the lives of the innocent. Let’s pray that our beloved Malaysia will not be cursed again to go down that path. Pray!
    I can’t agree with you more. It seems to be a sensible option and fair to all sides. My only fear is that it would not be conducted in a free and fair manner but in a deceitful and dishonourable way similar to the one BN exhibited in Permatang Pauh.

  6. su says:

    Going back to the people is always the best way. But as always, nothing’s perfect. This way would be ideal, and if it happens, all the better. But whatever the case, let’s all remain committed to wanting to make a better Malaysia for all of us.
    Thanks, wise words from a wise lady.

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