The video clip below shows the going-ons behind the recent ISA detention blunder and current BN political hooplahs, secretly recorded by a hidden video cam. The Malaysian Insider team also cannot match this exclusive inside story. Ha Ha…..

Courtesy of brilliant scriptwriter: Kavilan or Kavi
Transcript ( From Jackie Lee of Malaysian Shares Blog )
Officer 1 : We already have the police setting up roadblocks all over the capital and it’s surrounding areas. As long as we don’t let anyone move, the rakyat will blame Pakatan for the traffic jam and swing back support to our side.

Hitele : Yes. With this, my man Bodohwi’s popularity will be on the rise again.

Officer 1 : Errr….Sir…..

Officer 1 : I…….errr……

Officer 2 : Sir, Bodohwi jumped the gun. He and his men arrested RPK, Teresa Kok and that Sin Chew journalist under ISA late last week.

Hitele : All you buggers who read Malaysiakini, Malaysia-Today, and watch Akademi Fantasia, LEAVE NOW. Those who watch Astro Ceria, too.

Hitele : What the f**k did he do?!

Hitele : That no good donkey dickhead! What the f**k did he do!

Hitele : Doesn’t he know the rakyat are already sick of his shenanigans? He think the ISA will wipe out his problem? Perhaps all that sleep has put too much drool in his brain.

Hitele : Now he’ll fly out to Australia and hide in his Nasi Kandar shop.

Hitele : Now that baldy will surely go make a dumb statement and the whole world will laugh at the idiotic chromedome.

Officer 3 : Sir, Baldy is an experienced minister. He surely will handle it.

Hitele : Experienced, my foot! They’re all a bunch of circus monkeys!

Officer 3 : Sir, he’s still better than Zam.

Hitele : Now those Pakatan fellars will have a field day with this issue.

Hitele : Once RPK comes out he will rip all of their balls of and throw it to the dogs. They really screwed themselves big time. Why don’t the Bee En fellars EVER listen?

Hitele : I shud’ve stopped funding their political ambitions after March 8th. Now all my investments are lost. It’s a f**king miracle that KJ doink hasn’t said anything yet.

Hitele : I just wanna rip everyone’s ball off!

Hitele : Ach-med Ismail shud’ve kept his pothole shut. Bodohwi simply cannot control his men.

Hitele : Why do these guys even try?

Hitele : That Apa-Namaaa fellar was better. He plucked a big bunch of them out like Lalang back in 87.

Hitele : All Bodohwi got was a blogger, a journalist and one measly politician!!! Is he THAT dumb to invoke ISA?

Hitele : Here I am, giving ideas like Taiwan study trips to thwart 916, and he jumps the gun with ISA!

Hitele : Now even the component parties, will somehow magically grow back their balls and shart asking questions. Already those guys from the East are making noise.

Woman : Don’t worry. Semi Value hasn’t opposed ISA yet.

Hitele : We might as well hand Anwar the keys to the parliament.

Hitele : I wonder who has been wanting to cross-over to Pakatan.

Officer 3 : *** Oh shit……He’s suspecting me……***

Hitele : Oh, who the f**k cares anymore….

Officer 3 : *** Phew! ***

Hitele : I wonder what’ll happen after this.

Hitele : We are F**KED.


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