ISA – a night too long ~ Malaysiakini


A) Kuala Lumpur –

Gerakan Mansuhkan ISA (GMI) will be organizing ” Raya Demand Abolish ISA” on 26th September 2008 at Masjid Jamek.

Date: 26 September 2008
Time: 12noon
Place: Please gather at main entrance of Masjid Jamek (near to Masjid Jamek LRT Station).

Please wear Black and Red coloured clothes to show your solidarity with GMI.

Lets demand for abolishment of ISA and release of all ISA detainees.

For program details please contact Miss Nalini at 019 3758912 or SUARAM office 03 77843525. For direction please call Mr Syed Ibrahim at 013 3682067

Please spread the news to your friends and family and encourage them to come for this event.

B) Penang –

C) Kuala Lumpur –

Venue : Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur

Date : Saturday, 27th September, 2008

Time : 7.00pm

Our system has denied justice to 64 ISA detainees.

Are you going to allow them to languish further in Kamunting?

Some of these detainees, like our beloved RPK and the Hindraf 5 spoke out for you and me, spoke up for a better Malaysia, spoke up for our next generation!!

Now is our turn, what can we do for them?

Pick up your candles and join the vigil to repeal the draconian ISA.


Suara Rakyat, Makal Shakati!!!


One Response to ISA – a night too long ~ Malaysiakini

  1. grkme says:

    I bow to your response GMI.
    Every Malaysian should think that our loving RPK,
    Hindraf 5 and other detainees are behind bars just for
    speaking the truth.They are in just for us.
    The society should feel ashamed if we don’t care to speak the truth.
    Malaysians! Please come out from the dark and say something to save our ‘martyrs.’Let’s gather,let’s light a candle to show our
    hatred towards some ‘bloody’ leaders who are day by day eating the
    curse of the true citizens of the nation.
    Long live the ISA detainees.Abolish the ghost of ISA !

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