Teresa’s Home Attacked With Molotov Cocktails – (Updated)

The extremists apparently are becoming more militant now…..

   Two Molotov cocktails were thrown into the family home of Seputeh member of parliament Teresa Kok in Kuala Lumpur early today.
However, no one was hurt in the incident. Teresa’s parents are living in the house at Jalan Ipoh together with her siblings. 

The family has lodged a police report over the attack.  

Kok, a senior Selangor state exco member, will be holding a press conference this afternoon on the matter.

In recent days, Kok has come under fire from several quarters for her remarks on the low quality of food given to her while she was under a week-long Internal Security Act detention last week.

Molotov Cocktail Bottles Thrown To My House -Teresa Kok

Two Molotov Cocktail bottles thrown at my family residence. The photo show me and my parents this morning.

Press statement by YB Teresa Kok, Exco of Selangor State Government, MP for Seputeh and ADUN of Kinrara On 27th September 2008 at Kuala Lumpur

Authorities Urged to Conduct Thorough Investigation On Molotov Cocktail Hurled Into Family Residence

I am deeply saddened and most perturbed upon hearing from my family first thing this morning that some  criminal elements have thrown a molotov cocktail into the compound of my family residence where my parents and siblings reside at about 3 am today. Also found or thrown into the compound was a paper on which the following (message) worded “WOI TERESA BABI!!! LU JAGA SIKIT. JANGAN SUKA CARI PASAL … NANTI GUA BAKAR SAMA LU DENGAN LU PUNYA FAMILY, PAHAM!!! CIBAI LU TERESA KOK“.  

Fortunately the petrol did not ignite and there was no fire damage and no one was hurt. The family very shaken and now fear for their safety.
I view this act as most despicable and criminal which is designed to instill fear, anxiety in me and to prevent me into performing my duties as an elected representative. Inter alia, I also attribute this despicable act to certain media groups and blogs that have deliberately demonised and portrayed me as chauvinistic, anti Malay and anti Islam and they persisted in reporting similar fictitious and false stories, prior and after my arrest under the ISA on 12th September 08. This may have also stoked the contempt and hatred towards me and my family.

I am deeply concerned about the personal safety of my family now.I urge the authorities to conduct a thorough investigation into this and bring the culprits to face justice soon otherwise public confidence in the security services may be severely undermined. Elected representatives will also be hampered and be intimidated from carrying out their legitimate duties unto their constituents.  

Teresa Kok



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