I like reading Khoo Kay Peng’s political analysis and the one featured below has very sound reasoning particularly those focussing on deadlines like 16/9, 23/9 or 1/10. Deadlines does not matter, really. Its the CHANGE and how we manage the change that matters. 


Read the article below by Khoo.

If the NEP is not fixed and its abuses curbed, local investors will be deterred to invest locally. A continuous outflow of funds affects domestic job creation, economic growth and industrial development..


Is Najib prepared to review the NEP which is a sacred cow of his party? Anwar has promised to abolish the NEP and replace it with his need based New Malaysia Agenda despite being accused of negating Malay rights. Current implementation of the NEP is detrimental to Malay rights. 


After nearly 51 years of independence and hundreds of years of co-existence, the next PM should strive to unite all races in order to create a truly fair and equitable Bangsa Malaysia. Political rhetoric must be carefully managed to reduce racial frictions. Rightly, the curtain should come down on race based politics.


By continuing to harp on Malay supremacy or the controversial social contract is not going to take this multiracial society forward. Are we not ready to move forward just because politicians claim that we are not? Malaysians should decide their own fate and not allow a bunch of self-centered politicians to do it for us. A united Malaysia is better than one which emphasises on race divisions.


Now, can we agree to lose our fixation with dates and focus on the next agenda? Malaysians must show that we are dead serious about change. Most people are resistant to change including you and me. But change we must in order to build a Malaysia where everyone with the right skills, determination, talent and creativity can flourish.


Otherwise, we should blame our shallowness.


One Response to Focus on CHANGE not DEADLINES

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