Altantuya’s Father Claims RPK is a Political Victim

This is from Susan Loone’s blog. Altantuya’s father claims that RPK is a victim of politics and calls for his immediate release. There are also two questions that MUST be answered and they are:

– Who arranged the visa for Altantuya when she visited France?
– Who else was with her on the French trip and what did they do?

 So the key to solving Altantuya’s riddle actually lies in her trip to Paris, France. Anyone out there in Malaysia, Paris, France if you have any answers to the above questions, please leave a comment.

According to Susan, Altantuya Shariibuu’s dad, Stev, has emailed her his statement (through his lawyer in Mongolia) regarding RPK’s trial and detention under the ISA. The image above is his own handwriting.  The translation copy she receive in his mail says:

I understand, Mr. Raja Petra has good personal character and has a good reputation and runs humanitarian activity.

I understand that the below issues were directly connected with murder case of my daughter:

– Who did arrange visa issue for my daughter while she visited in French?
– Who was attending in the trip to French and what did they do?

If it could make clear those issues, they would understand every thing. Why is there so much force and influence in the case? Because there was a serious issue. Thus they destroyed my daughter.

Unfortunately, they pressed down Mr.Raja Petra’s statement. I think this issue needs to get attention from international human right organizations.

He (RPK) shouldn’t be a victim of politic for justice. It would be justice if they release Mr.Raja Petra.

As we are, all Mongolian worry for him and his justice, we lack of information on truth and situation.


Mongolian citizen:Shaariibuu Setev

Susan is also sending this information to her friends in the media and bloggers. Hope this letter can be distributed for RPK’s sake.


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