In ‘kiasu’ Singapore where being ‘one up over others’ is a MUST, theres apparently one thing that they lack. They do not have a brave journalist of vision like Steven Gan or a man with balls of steel like RPK to challenge the politically incorrect governments. Yes, Singapore DO NOT have Singaporekini or Singapore Today.  But hold your horses, they do have a Singaporekini blog but its just a ‘lame-duck’ kinda blog and nothing compared to Malaysiakini. Now the Wayang Party Club of Singapore is inviting Singaporeans who share a passion in advocating for press freedom in Singapore to join them in their noble quest to establish ‘SIngaporekini’ in the same likeness as Malaysiakini.

So how about it Steven. Are you game to invest overseas like down under and start Singaporekini and perhaps expand to Thailandkini or Indonesiakini. You can always host and anchor the online news web from Malaysia.

RPK might want to start a Singapore Today (ie after his Kamunting tour of duty) and give Lee Hsien Loong a bloody headache as long as he doesn’t end up in Changi. I hate to read a ‘No Hold’s Barred’ article from him entitled, ‘From Kamunting to Changi’. Not forgetting, we may also have to hold candlelight vigils in Orchard Road.

From Wayang Party Club blog:

Malaysiakini was founded by a group of civic-minded Malaysians from the ashes of the Reformasi movement in 1998.

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, who was the premier then, scoffed at Malaysiakini being a “second rate tabloid”. Now, he needs to literally beg Malaysiakini to grant him an interview.

That is the the impact the alternative media had on the political landscape in Malaysia for the past decade.

Singapore shares similar political system, institutions and laws with Malaysia. We have a higher internet penetration rate than Malaysia. If the political tsunami can hit Malaysia, why not Singapore in 2011 ?

A free, fair and independent press is indispensable in any democratic society. The opposition in Singapore will never be able to make any progress so long the mainstream media retains their monopoly on the collection and dissemination of news.

Given the futility of revising the Newspaper and press printing Act through legal channels, having a credible, independent and influential online paper is our hope of bypassing the government’s information blockade.

Our long-term aim is to set up a “Singaporekini” to counter the misinformation, half-truths and lies propagated by the mainstream media.

We welcome all Singaporeans who share our passion in advocating for press freedom in Singapore to join us in our noble quest.

We are currently looking for somebody with training and experience in the foreign media industry to anchor this project full-time.

If you have any potential candidate in mind, please inform us at:


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