A woman of courage meets a man of courage

You know, I’m a sucker for those ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ stories, dunno perhaps its my nature.  Below is another story which would surely qualify for those Chicken Soup books.

RPK had a special visitor today, Siew Hoon, his neighbour from Bt Rahman Putra, Sg Buloh. Siew Hoon suffered from an eye degenerative disease. When she was giving birth to her baby 12 years ago, she had to choose between saving her eyesight or saving her baby. She chose her baby and as a consequence, today she is blind.

  Despite her handicap, she came to court to give support to RPK. It really touched us who were privileged to witness them hugging.

Siew Hoon related to us their experience when her family first shifted to BRP to be RPK’s neighbours. The housing estate suffered frequent breakins. So much so that RPK organised a Rukun Tetangga to guard the area. That’s RPK, said Siew Hoon. He is so caring for his neighbours, always fighting for justice. Once when she was alone in the house with her child, a thief climbed on the roof. RPK came out and risked his life to single-handedly chased the thief off. When Siew Hoon called the police, all they asked was: “Did you catch the thief?” The police could not be bothered to help us and it took a civilian to do it.

Another time, about 10 years back, when Anwar Ibrahim was arrested for sodomy. RPK explained to her, Anwar is not like that. He does not have such sexual preferences knowing him in college. RPK set up the Free Anwar Campaign Site to defend Anwar. He was always fighting for the underdog.

He set up Malaysia-Today to fight for us Malaysians. Now that he is in trouble, Siew Hoon re-iterated, we must come out and show him support. If I, a blind person, can do it. There is no reason normal people cannot do it.


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