Why arrest a legitimate complainant under ISA

The arrest of a 26-year old activist under the ISA in Johor is most unjust. All she did was to make a police report and the police is duty – bound to act on the report NOT to arrest her under the draconian Act. The ISA MUST go. Its being used and abuse with impunity and this time to curb legitimate dissent and activism.

suaram johor isa 181008 cheng lee whee




 A 26-year-old activist has been arrested under the Internal Security Act (ISA) tonight following a report she made accusing the police of abuse of power in yesterday’s controversial eviction of a squatter colony in Johor.

Cheng Lee Whee, a self-employed programmer who is a volunteer for human rights group Suaram, lodged the police report at the Permas Jaya police station in Johor Bharu at about 3pm yesterday.

The report was made in response to the forced eviction of squatters in Kampung Baru Plentong Tengah – a predominantly Malay village akin to Kuala Lumpur’s Kampung Baru – and the arrest of 27 individuals for attempting to stop the demolition of the settlement.

  Cheng was summoned by inspector Azman Mustafa to the state police headquarters in Seri Alam at around 8pm so that her statement could be taken relating to her police report.


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