All you need is …….

I’d like to leave you with a message from this video clip of one of my favorite movies called “Across the Universe”…

The whole world recognizes this identity of ours. It’s unique in so many ways.

In defending a race, don’t we see the news all over the world and see the damage it got them?

Talk about race, we offend too many. Do we realize that many in our country are raised in a family of all races? Indeed they have to make a choice of registering their one race when filling up forms etc. Taking sides creates major conflicts within these families and within those individuals themselves.

It’s no secret to what conflicts bring.

So please people, start feeling and being Bangsa Malaysia. Live as Bangsa Malaysia, , love as Bangsa Malaysia, be angry as Bangsa Malaysia, move as Bangsa Malaysia, dance as Bangsa Malaysia, wink as Bangsa Malaysia, fly a kiss as Bangsa Malaysia, reason as Bangsa Malaysia, wave as Bangsa Malaysia, be stunning as Bangsa Malaysia, be gentle as Bangsa Malaysia and yes, make passionate love as Bangsa Malaysia.

The point is, we can accomplish more as Bangsa Malaysia. And why not?


One Response to All you need is …….

  1. Patricia says:

    I said this previously in a good friend’s blog – so this is a re-run of sorts: When I’ve been abroad, and I’ve said I’m from Malaysia, people assumed I was Malay, and said so. And I didn’t correct them. It didn’t offend me, and to correct them and complicate matters? Why bother. They don’t give a crap.

    Race matters only matter here. Ideally, we are all Malaysians who can ‘trace our ethnicity’ (my friend’s words, brilliant, no?) back to India and China and wherever else.

    I don’t have any allegiance to India (kerela) or Sri Lanka (my roots), don’t practise nor know much about the culture, speak neither language. It’s not that I am ashamed of my roots, or trying to deny them. How lah to deny them when I am a gorgeous chocolately brown 😉

    My forebears decided for me! On both sides, my dad’s and mum’s, they left their languages behind and embraced life here. English was what was spoken here at the time, and that is what they spoke. Any cultural practices got forgotten along the way – the one remaining probably being the food.

    In my family, we are Malaysian. My husband is first generation Malaysian who can trace his roots to China. My children are Malaysian, and very good looking ones, thank you very much! Hahahaha.

    We eat mainly chinese, very little curry cos I don’t know how to do that, a lot of italian (pasta, pesto, salsa (is that mexican?)) – aiyah, campur-campur lah. During hari raya, I’ll make a rendang and nasi empit; during deepavali, some murukku! Chinese new year, we all go home and my father in law cooks! Yay!

    So we are a practising bangsa malaysia family. It is only when we leave our home that people bandy race about and shove it in our faces. And when we have to fill a form or two.

    After 52 years, I am not allowed to forget that I am indian. Especially by indians, who will ask with a snigger, ‘why you can’t speak tamil?’ ‘Because I’m not tamil, you idiot, I think to myself. No point getting angy any more. I used to. Dah fedup dah!

    I have always felt it is more important to speak BM than our so-called mother tongue. But few agree. Even young people today disagree. It seems like we’re more divided now than we were when I was growing up, no thanks to the barisan nasional, I think.

    Went on and on, didn’t I? Hahaha. You touched a raw nerve!

    One day, we will all be one bangsa. But I don’t see it happening anytime soon. Unless there is a radical change in government mindset, that can be communicated intelligently to the people – without getting their hackles up, or favouring one race over another. It’ll be like trying to walk on eggshells, so good luck to them!


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