Happy Diwali Macha! Keep the Flames of Makkal Sakti Alive!!

Keeping with the Diwali spirit and the flames of Makkal Sakti alive, I would like to dedicate this video clip to all my Indian brothers and sisters. Happy Deepavali Macha!!

This year there is a difference in the Petronas Deepavali ad. I don’t know if it’s just mere coincidence, but the message being put through this year’s advertisement sent tears rolling down my cheeks. To me, it does not only show the ultimate sacrifice of a janitor parent working hard to see to it that the son’s dream of becoming a pilot comes through, it also shows the importance of education and how it improves the lives of a generation to come.

But let’s do some reality check here. How many Indian children actually do get the opportunity to achieve their dreams and ambitions here in “tanah tumpahnya darahku”? I leave it to you to answer that question with sincerity.

The importance of education can never be over emphasised. I hope our leaders watch this advertisement and see the hidden message behind it.

Give the Indian children the opportunity to achieve their dreams and ambitions. Help the Tamil schools and their students, who at large, come from families of the lower income group. They are our children. They are our citizens. Give them equal opportunity to quality education as enshrined in the Federal Constitution. Is this too much to ask for? The parents of these children have been loyal tax paying citizens of this country, but yet their children get third class education. Why?

If there is one thing that is going to lift the Indian community out of the quick sand of poverty, crime, marginalisation and oppression, it is education. After all, isn’t human capital a blue chip investment for the nation?

From http://drsaravananr.blogspot.com/


2 Responses to Happy Diwali Macha! Keep the Flames of Makkal Sakti Alive!!

  1. yasminthestoryteller says:

    macha, i agree with you wholeheartedly. well said. happy deepavali, my brother.

  2. myforeignspouse says:

    Dear internet citizens,

    Please check this out. Thanks.

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