Politik Jahat UM

Irresponsible incitement for a culture of hatred, violence and terrorism in Malaysian politics – Chamil Wariya’s inexcusable, intolerable and unacceptable attack on MP for Seputeh and Selangor Senior Exco Teresa Kok in Chamil’s cerpen Politik baru YB J published in Mingguan Malaysia on Sunday.

                                              – YB Lim Kit Siang

 17 NGOs condemn Chamil’s article
Tim leonard – THE SUN

PETALING JAYA (Oct 21, 2008): Some 17 NGOs and civil society organisations have called on Utusan Malaysia and its writer Chamil Wariya to apologise to Seputeh MP Teresa Kok for writing a controversial short story wich ends in the murder of a so-called ‘YB Josephine’.The organisations include the All Women Action Society (AWAM), Sisters in Islam (SIS), Tenaganita, Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO), Women’s Centre for Change Penang, Centre for Independence Journalism (CIJ), Malaysia Youth and Students Democratic Movement, Youth for Change and several other organisations.
In a media statement, the organisations said the storyline which ends with the assassination of the ‘YB Josephine’ and suicide of the murderer encourages extreme acts of violence and symbolises reckless journalism.
“Such journalism only serves to incite and inflame emotions in the current political scene and the story encourages the use of violence,” the statement said.
“It is even more shocking that the author of the story is the CEO of the Malaysian Press Institute and we are aghast that Utusan Malaysia allowed the publication of the story. To make amends, the author could do community service at the particular YB’s service centre.”

Chamil’s story, which appeared last week in Mingguan Malaysia, bears a striking resemblance to Teresa Kok and her political life and has come under fire by various parties and politicians. 


by WP Blog
You write a fictional article calling for a fictional assassination of a fictional MP.
  1. Paint the MP as a chauvinist, a racist and a bigot. Profanities are optionals but it can be an advantage.
  2. If possible, place his/her face on the front page for strategic reasons.If the the real MP reacted to fictional MP, we can deny that it’s not him/her we are refering to. We only write fictional characters.
  3. If the real MP is unfazed with the explaination given (which is expected) and decided to launch a lawsuit against your press, mobilize your supporters to collect as many fund as possible and repeat the steps above until the MP is tired of suing. The only catch is, you gotta make the suing MP an instant millionaire.
  4. As soon the spirit of the lawsuit dies out, launch a counter attack by mobilizing your supporters to brainwash every reader any lawsuits is an attack against the race and the universe therefore it must be protected at all cost.
  5. Do not be afraid to be painted as racial shit stirrer because you are only practicing your freedom of speech. If Raja Petra can do it, so can you.
  6. Remember, in order to perform the steps above effectively, join Utusan because it is the only platform that allows you to unleash your talent. Other newspaper companies sucks and it will get you to no where because they practice self censorship due to the fear of getting their license revoked. Utusan does not have such problem because they have immunity and their license will not be revoked under any circumstances unless a new government takes over.
  7. Remember, do not be afraid because you’ll always have your fellow fanbois covering your ass.

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