“Bebaskan Makkal Sakthi 5” – The Freedom Run

DAP Selangor is organizing a run from Klang to Taiping, which involves the masses. It will be a 2-day run on 15 and 16 November 2008.

The theme and designation of the run is “Bebaskan Makkal Sakthi 5”.  The original idea for this run when it was first conceptualized two months ago, was to be designated as “Bebaskan Raja Petra & Hindraf 5”. We have since adapted to the change of events as we all know.

The run will be flagged off at 8 AM on 15 Nov 08, at the Pandamaran market. Thousands of runners will participate for this aproaximately 350 km coastal route, through Klang, Kapar, Kuala Selangor, Sekinchan, Sg Besar, Hutan Melintang, Setiawan, Pantai Remis, Simpang, Taiping, and the final destination at Kamunting. 


At one time there will be a runner on the road who will carry the theme flag. In town areas, participants are invited from the masses to line up from lamp post to lamp post, each runner to pass on the flag to the next runner waiting ahead. Sectors have been identified and allocated. However we also invite individuals, NGOs, political parties, to participate in any sector of their choice. We invite aspirants to just come out and wait in line to receive and run with the flag. The intention is to have maximum participation as this is a wholly people’s run for freedom. At the end of the run on the second day, we expect at least 5,000 runners would have held and ran with the theme flag, symbolizing the people’s call for the freedom of the Makkal Sakthi 5. It is the people’s wish that the five are not to be incarcerated for another day. In fact they should not have been arrested in the first place.

The run on the first day ends by late evening at Sabak. It will resume the following morning at 7 AM where the DAP Perak leaders and members will join us in the run through the coastal towns to Taiping and ends at Kamunting. DAP leaders and members will stage a candle light vigil outside the Kamunting camp from 8 PM.

We wish to stress that this freedom run is totally a peaceful run and traffic will not be obstructed. At one time there will only be one runner on the road and the others will leap frog in vehicles ahead of the runner. Among the DAP MPs and SAs who will be participating in the run are YBs EanYong Hian Wah, Ronnie Liu, Charles Santiago, Teng Chang Khim, Ng Suee Lim, Philip Tan, Nga Kor Ming, and others.

Thank you.


Chairman, Organising Committee


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