DON’T Ever Equate Peaceful Vigil Participants With Criminals

PKR vice-president R Sivarasa lashed out against Selangor police chief Khalid Abdul Razak for equating candlelight vigil participants with criminals.after permatang pauh 916 an oppotunity to change forum 100908 sivarasa rasiahIn the English daily The Star today Khalid made mention that policemen are not duty-bound not to arrest people while they are singing the national anthem – because if they do so all criminals will use it to evade arrest.

“Are they expecting policemen to stand at attention each time they sing the anthem? If so, what would happen if every criminal that we confront starts singing the national anthem?” the chief police said.

Speaking in his capacity as a steering committee member for Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections (Bersih) – organisers of Sunday’s arrest-marred event at the PJ Civic Centre – Sivarasa said Khalid’s characterisation of the participants was flawed since they were only practising their constitutional rights.

“Such remark is uncalled for especially coming from a top official like him.

“We are all Malaysians and we have the rights to sing the national anthem and he should not equate the peaceful participants to criminals.



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