Chua: Don’t Play Play!!

 MCA No. 2, Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek, who was unusually quiet on Tuesday after Ong announced his line-up, has reminded the top leadership not to “play with him” in the arrangement for government posts.

He said if he ever finds out that the top leadership has made misleading remarks against him, he will not compromise with the “perpetrator”.

In an interview with China Press on Wednesday, Chua, who was named Government Policy Monitoring Bureau chief, said if the party chief told others that Umno and the prime minister cannot accept him (Chua) in the cabinet without even recommending him, he will not hesitate to strike back.

“If the top leadership does that, they are lying. If MCA top leadership lies even to party members, what more the Chinese community?

“(If he) dares to lie to me, the party deputy president, do you think he dares not do the same to outsiders?” Chua asked.


One Response to Chua: Don’t Play Play!!

  1. mangchik says:

    wrong spelling ~ “Don’t pray, pray”

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