This One’s For You, Paula


This posting is to a very special lady and true patriot, Paula Khoo who recently went through a Baptism of Fire, after being arrested for singing her song of freedom in Penang. She is understandly pretty traumatised by the whole incident and in her own words,

“I am still trying to but I know I WILL MAKE IT because I know many of you are standing there behind me, supporting me, praying for me and for that, Malaysians or non-Malaysians, friends and acquaintances, cyber friends and even strangers – I CAN NEVER THANK YOU ENOUGH FOR ALL THE WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT, WISDOM AND SUPPORT YOU HAVE IMPARTED TO ME.

I pray and hope I will not let you down and that I have not let you down. The future – I leave to the hands of God…. “.

No, you have NOT let us down, Paula. Remember that you are still our Sifu, our Master…. the Master Wordsmith whether plugged or unplugged.

We all love you Paula, and the sacrifices that you have made will not go down in vain.

Bang Malaysia


One Response to This One’s For You, Paula

  1. Dear BangMalaysia,

    Thank you very much for this very beautiful post…I do not deserve it because there are many other Malaysians who have gone through more in terms of psychological and physical suffering to champion their cause…but I am very touched by the sentiments behind it.

    Yes, I believe my efforts are not in vain and that ripples are getting stronger and will rise in waves and climax in another tsunami one day…

    Thanks for being a great friend…for being there for me, in good times and bad times.

    I really appreciate this and our friendship. God bless you and your family.

    Warmest regards and deep appreciation,

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